5 Fall Predictions for Harry and Meghan, Will and Kate, and the Royal Family

According to their horoscopes and zodiac signs, learn what the future holds for Harry and Meghan, Baby Archie, Kate and William, and the princes’ brotherhood. Additionally: The unexpected similarities between Meghan Markle’s and Princess Diana’s birth charts.

Will and Kate and the royal family

We immediately said “yes” when PeopleTV called and asked us to discuss horoscopes for the British royal family. (And not just because Ophi got to pet Meatball, a fluffy Cancerian corgi, who was on-set.) Since we are twins, family dynamics have always fascinated us, and we enjoy looking beneath the cosmic surface to discover what is really going on. Princess Diana was a supporter of astrology and consulted her own personal astrologer, no doubt because it is such a wonderful tool for assisting people in navigating uncertainty.

1. Will Meghan and Harry be alright? (Clear answer: Yes, but it will require effort)

The young royal couple opened up about their recent struggles with living in the spotlight, particularly with the paparazzi, in the 2019 ABC documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. The very different astrological profiles of Meghan, a Leo with a Cancer rising and a Libra moon, and Harry, a Virgo with a Capricorn rising and a Taurus moon (all earth signs! ), can lead to both magical and difficult dynamics.

Meghan, a Leo, will experience everything viscerally and publicly express her feelings. Harry is more stoic and brave because his ascendant is in the opposite sign of Capricorn. Although they will be fiercely devoted to and protective of one another, this couple could become overwhelmed by fear.

The Pluto square is a transit that occurs when Pluto in the sky forms a square, or a 90-degree angle of tension, to Pluto in one’s chart. Meghan is currently experiencing this transit. This once-in-a-lifetime event can cause people to suddenly yearn for more privacy.

2. What do Princess Diana’s and Meghan Markle’s astrological charts have in common?

Will and kate

It turns out to be quite a bit! Meghan’s rising sign is Cancer, and Diana was also a Cancer. Both women exude maternal warmth, sensitivity, and compassion when they are being filmed. Defending the rights of women and children is standard procedure for Cancerians, but their social justice instincts come from their shared south node in Aquarius, which indicates lifetimes of humanitarian endeavors in their astrological ancestry. The new energy Meghan and Diana came to this lifetime to learn is represented by the Leo north node in both of their astrological charts. Leo rules royalty, so it’s not surprising that both women are learning karmic lessons through their positions in the royal family and that neither one of them found the #MonarchyLife to be a natural fit. The diva moments that the tabloids report on may simply be a struggle with the royal protocol that an independent Aquarius south node would find difficult to learn.

3. Does Kate and Meghan actually have a rift?

According to astrology zodiac signs, there might be one that is not expressed. We’ll start with the Sun signs in their charts to assign blame. The two are five signs apart as Leos (Meghan) and Capricorns (Kate), which is an uncomfortable angle called a quincunx in astrology. Those born under this astrological sign are similar to Since both Leo and Capricorn are “alpha” signs in very different ways, their compatibility can also be difficult. Whereas the Leo lioness rules by being eye-catching and effusive, the Capricorn “steel magnolia” rules by maintaining calm, collected composure. Their charts seem to suggest that there is a constant, low-level annoyance or friction. Meghan might appear to be a wild card to Kate, who was born on a full moon and has a Leo rising sign, making her a force to be reckoned with on her own. Meghan has her south node in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and individuality, whereas Kate has her south node in Capricorn, which is concerned with propriety and rules. The two sisters-in-law may also feel a slight air of low-grade friction as a result of this. Our recommendation is that they respect each other’s individual styles and work together on a project (without their husbands’ involvement). Maybe a tennis charity match to support women’s causes or something they both care about?

4. Can Prince William and Prince Harry maintain their sibling relationship?

Will and Kate
VIMY, FRANCE – APRIL 09: (L-R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry arrive at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on April 9, 2017 in Vimy, France. The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry along with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Francois Hollande attend the centenary commemorative service at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The Battle Of Vimy Ridge was fought during WW1 as part of the initial phase of the Battle of Arras. Although British-led it was mostly fought by the Canadian Corps. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Despite Harry’s admission that he and his brother are “on different paths at the moment,” they are deeply devoted to one another in the cosmos! Harry’s moon, who rules family and emotions, is aligned with his brother’s tender Venus in Taurus. They have a playful and enduring bond that is difficult to sever. However, it’s not all sentiment and sweetness! The planets Harry’s 0-degree Pluto (ruler of secrets, death, and transformation) and William’s 0-degree Jupiter (guardian of truth-telling and wisdom) in Scorpio have formed a planetary alliance. They share a karmic bond that is unbreakable that is deeper than we can imagine and is caused by the loss of their mother.

5. What does Baby Archie’s horoscope predict? We see a supermodel and a role model

Perhaps Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is the leader this planet needs and deserves. Archie, a Taurus like his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, also has a Taurus ascendant and a strong moon in the sign of leadership, Capricorn. His south node, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn as well. As he ages, perhaps he’ll be close to Aunt Kate and Uncle Will since they both have Capricorn-ruled south nodes. He could be a role model and a supermodel all in one because this cosmic trio is in his tenth house of authority and public image! Charming Neptune, magnetic Venus, glib Mercury, and iconoclastic Uranus are all in Archie’s glamorous twelfth house, a region of the zodiac that the camera adores, supporting his astrological birthright of charisma and good looks. Archie will have confidence and the gift of gab, which he is already displaying, because his Sun and moon are both in the assertive first house.

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