Top 20 Military Haircut for Men

Military cuts are back in style this season because of their short length and the incredible way they make anyone look keen, classy, neat, and bold. If you consider choosing a military haircut, then continue reading our top 20 picks among the hottest military haircut around.

Top Military Haircut for Men
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Military haircut styles are all easy to cut, keep, style, and promise to give you the perfect macho look that makes people steal a glance anytime you walk by.

1. Induction Cut (or Buzz Cut)

Top Military Haircut for Men
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It only fits to start from the basics. The Induction Cut is the traditional military-style cut given to recruits on their first day of boot camp. It’s a very close shave with an electric clipper that leaves stubble uniformity all over the scalp.

2. Burr Cut

The Burr Cut is similar to that induction cut, and both are often confused. A Burr Cut, however, is slightly longer, usually about an eighth of an inch, and requiring a 1 or 2 clipper guard to cut. Like the induction cut, it is also uniform with no fade.

3. Butch Cut

A Butch Cut is a uniform trim all over the scalp with a 3 to 5 guard. It’s a neat and classy look for those who don’t want to go as low as a Burr Cut but like a short and uniform style.

4. Regulation Cut

Higher-ranked military officials usually wear this. Any civilian that leads a group of people may also adopt this. It allows up to 2 inches of hair on the head but quickly tapers down by the sides and back. The smooth taper eventually blends into the skin.

5. Regular Fade Cut

Top Military Haircut for Men
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A Regular Fade is a popular haircut where the hair is tapered down until it ends at your natural hairline. Here, the hair fades as it goes down the sides and back, but is visible to your nape and ears. You may also try this shape up clippers for fade cuts for men.

6. High Fade Cut

The High Fade is similar to the Regular Fade Cut, but the key difference is where the fade ends. In a High Fade Cut, the taper ends higher than an inch or two above your natural hairline.

7. Low Fade Cut

The Low Fade is another popular variation of the fade cut. It is a Fade Cut in which the taper ends up lower than a High Fade but higher than a Regular Fade. Therefore, the fade ends about one or two inches above the natural hairline when cutting this style.

8. High and Tight Cut

The High and Tight is the iconic haircut of the stereotypical Hollywood drill sergeant. A low guard clipper is used at the head’s sides, and the hair is left about an inch long on the top. Usually, there is no gradual taper between the sides and the top.

9. High and Tight Recon

The Recon is a popular hairstyle in the Marines and is bound to turn you into a chick magnet. The style resembles the High and Tight but features a sharp Undercut and virtually no taper, making quite a powerful contrast.

10. Crew Cut

crew hairstyle for men
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The Crew Cut is a versatile style that has been a staple for decades. It features a gentle fade by the sides and back but leaves the top’s hair at about an inch. The hair at the front of the head is usually slightly longer than the hair at the crown.

11. Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League Cut is popular among University students and high-ranking military personnel. It is similar to the Crew Cut but features longer hair, with the hair at the crown reaching up to two inches.

12. Flat Top

This is a bold hairstyle that works best for men with straight hair. The flat-top features a regular fade by the sides and back, but requires a careful trim at the top of the hair to give it a flat appearance when brushed upwards.

13. Brush Cut

This looks similar to the Flat Top, but instead of being flat, it is carefully trimmed to give a cool textured look when brushed or combed. Try imagining the hairstyle of the famous American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

14. Undercut

The Undercut is a popular style that has resurfaced lately among younger guys. The hair’s sides and back are clipped short using a three-guard or less, while the top of the hair is left as long as you like. You can try smoothing the look by fading the edges.

15. Birch Cut

birch cut hairstyle
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This is a longer form of the Buzz Cut. The hair is trimmed uniformly all-round using a higher clipper guard, typically from guard 3 to 5. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to go as low as the Buzz Cut or Induction Cut.

16. Dramatic Undercut

Just like it sounds, this is a more extreme form of the Undercut. The hair’s sides are cut short and usually not faded, while the top of the hair is left relatively more prolonged than the regular Undercut.

17. Textured Buzz Cut with a Taper Fade

The textured Buzz Cut is a more modern variant of the Buzz. The top is slightly longer and with a beautiful textured appearance while the sides are tapered and may end in a high fade, low fade, or regular fade.

18. Side Swept Regulation Cut

Similar to a Regulation Cut but with a less dramatic taper. The hair is left a little longer than the standard Regulation Cut and allowed to tapered down the sides and back. The top hair is stylishly sweet to one side or parted at the side.

19. Side Swept with Shaved Undercut

This look isn’t for everyone, but it is quite striking if you can pull it off. You have an Undercut swept to one side with pomade while the sides and back are almost completely shaved to the skin.

20. Side Brush with Mid Fade

This combines the classy look of a Side Brush and the sleek appearance of a Mid Fade. Brush the hair to the side and add a little texture with some gel. Then crown off the look with a gentle fade on the sides and back.

Listed above are the trendy military haircut you will usually come about in any lifestyle magazine. No doubt, the military haircut is back in style, and you don’t want to be left behind. Try out any of these styles and let it help you release the man within you. Clean, classy and timeless; that’ll be the only way to describe your new look.

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