Top 10 Non-Slip Shoes

Are you work in an area where you often confront difficult conditions underfoot? Are you looking for the best non-slip shoes to ensure your safety? If you have answered yes, keep reading the post.

Non-slip shoes are a particular type of footwear. Non-slip shoes can also be referred to as slip-resistant or anti-slip shoes. Whatever the name is, these shoe aids and ensure the wearer’s safety even in slippery and challenging conditions. These shoes have an industry-compliant grip and traction to provide stability and make sure that you remain on your feet.

Top 10 Non Slip Shoes
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Moreover, wearing these types of shoes is even more important if you work in industries, like the healthcare sector, restaurants, manufacturing sectors, warehouses, etc.

If you want to know more about the best non-slip shoes, below, I have enlisted some best non-slip shoes that you can buy. So, let’s get started!

Top 10 Non-Slip Shoes

1. Skechers Flex Advantage Oxford (Men’s)

The very best non-slip shoes on my list are none other than Skechers Flex Advantage for men. Regardless of whether you want these shoes for leisure or work, you can wear them in any condition. Besides providing a great amount of comfort and extreme durability, they are a runner-esque type of shoes.

The midsole fo the shoe is made of from gel-infuse memory foam that is known for providing comfort and contoured when you wear them on. Simultaneously, the outsole of the shoe is made of extremely durable rubber that is great for securing friction and grip regardless of the surface. The only complaint about these shoes is they make a bit of squeaking sound when you walk.

2. Skechers Men’s Work Felton (Men’s)

Skechers also produce the second-best non-slip shoe, and the reason is the brand is simply the best in providing extreme comfort and durability when you put their shoes on. These shoes are also extremely popular and one of the best in their collection.

Thanks to their lace-up closure and slip-resistant outsoles, you will get the best possible traction regardless of the surface. The shoes perfectly meet the EH standards and Mark II standards when it comes to safety.

The shoe’s rubber outsole offers an outstanding grip to make sure your foot remains even on oily, slippery, and wet surfaces. All in all, they are simply the best know for their superb traction that they offer.

3. Emeril Lagasse Quarter Mesh Slip-Resistant Work Shoe (Men’s)

The upper portion of them is made from pure Nubuck/Mesh that is great for providing breathability and extreme comfort. This is also great to keep your feet cool during hot temperatures while you are working. The rubber outsole of the shoe offers incredible traction on oily, slippery, and wet surfaces.

Moreover, the shoe’s outsole is also known for its slip-resistant capabilities to make sure to keep you planted regardless of the surface. The insole BAM (Balance Active Movement) memory foam gives you extreme comfort along with contoured feel all day long.

If you are looking to buy affordable but comfy and feature-rich shoes, Emeril Lagasse could be the best option you can have.

4. AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service (Women’s)

AVIA Women’s AVI Union is for those looking to have one for the best non-slip shoes that are cost-efficient and can be used for any environment. These shoes are especially a great option for people working in the service industry.

The upper portion of them is made of synthetic leather, which makes them both water and stain-resistant. These shoes are popular because of the comfort and durability they provide. Moreover, when it comes to work shoes, they are the best in the business. If you are working as a nurse, serving staff, or other similar professions, you should check them out once.

5. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 (Men’s)

Are you working in a semi-formal environment? Do you want something that looks great while still keeping your feet secure and safe? Then you should take a look at Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 shoes. The shoes have a leather upper, which makes them a perfect formal wear option and extremely durable.

The shoes are not only among the best non-slip footwear but also incredibly sports oil-resistant. The shoes’ outsoles provide added support and superb traction when you are walking on oily, slipper, and wet surfaces.

Moreover, they are also equipped with DMX technology to make sure you stay comfortable all day long.

6. Dockers Proposal Mock Toe Loafer (Men’s)

If you are looking for footwear that doesn’t look heavy-duty work boot but still offers the same protection, then the best option you could have is Dockers Proposal Moc Toe Loafer. The shoes are known for delivering both elegance and style with durability and secure footedness regardless of the environment.

The synthetic sole and rubber outsole provide incredible traction when you walk on slippery surfaces. Moreover, I highly recommend these shoes for the senior gentleman looking for shoes that provide comfort and without laces.


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7. Dansko Paisley Sneaker (Women’s)

These shoes are comfortable, versatile, and durably made by Dansko for working women. The shoes are also great to keep your feet comfortable and free all day long. Thanks to their neoprene collar around the ankle, which makes sure to keep your feet in place.

The outsole of the shoe is entirely slip-resistant that makes you feel stable in any circumstances. If you are related to the service or healthcare industry or retail services, this could be your best option. The shoes are also great to keep your feet cool and ventilated in hot temperatures while you are at work.

8. Skechers Women’s Eldred (For Women’s)

It is hard to work in the industry where your underfoot conditions are uneven, slipper, and hazardous. Keeping this in mind, Sketchers have introduced another amazing footwear for ladies to keep their feet secure and comfortable all day long.

These shoes aren’t only stylish but also incredibly non-slip. The durable leather upper and synthetic sole is exceptionally great for providing the best possible traction to prevent slipping, tripping, and falling when you are at work where the surface is slippery and wet.

This is yet another best footwear option for ladies related to professions like the service industry, the health care sector, etc.

Wrapping Up

There you go – top 8 non-slip shoes for both men and women. All of these are durable, comfortable, and provide incredible traction on slippery, wet, and oily surfaces to keep you from tripping and falling.


Q: What brand is best for making non-slip shoes?

Ans: Although all the brands that I have mentioned are considered the best to make the best non-slip shoes, the best among all of them is Skechers.

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