Top 10 Most Car Accident-Prone Locations in the US

Whether you’re driving for pleasure, business or simply commuting, there’s one data point you’re likely to wonder about: how safe is the place I’m driving through? To help ease your woes (and to warn you off of less calm driving spots) here are the top 10 most car accident-prone locations in the United States.

Top 10 Most Car Accident-Prone Locations in the US

10 Goose Creek, South Carolina

Although the South has managed to avoid scoring highly on this list, it has the unfortunate honor of grabbing the first spot. 18.14% of drivers in Goose Creek have their driver’s record haunted by prior at-fault accidents, making it one of the least appealing and safe places to drive in the South.

9 Simi Valley, California

California is well-known for being a tricky, but beautiful place to drive. The sheer amount of variety of gorgeous locations to drive through (from mountain to desert to ocean-side views) brings in a surge of tourists alongside the already highly populated number of locals. Even so, most readers will find the 18.17% of drivers sporting prior at-fault accidents off putting. When you’re looking for gorgeous locations to drive through in California, consider avoiding Simi Valley.

8 Carlsbad, California

California has managed back-to-back spots on 2021’s list of most car-accident prone cities in the US. A surprising 18.27% of drivers in the town have had a prior at-fault accident, so be careful when moving through the locale. And, whatever you do, avoid spitting out a witty pun about bad drivers in “Carlsbad” if you do find yourself in an accident.

7 Brockton, Massachusetts

Our first upper east coast location on the list, Brockton is one of the more popular places to visit in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, its popularity has led to a much higher rate of car accidents when compared to other local towns and cities. If you find yourself driving through Brockton, keep a sharp eye out for the 18.61% of drivers with a prior at-fault accident on their driving record.

6 Sherman Oaks, California

While California has now found itself on this list three whole times, it should be noted that it managed to avoid a top-five spot in 2021 (a feat that it has not always been able to manage in prior years. There’s a much larger population in the California cities and towns compared with some of the other spots on this list, but even that does not account for the shocking 18.68% of drivers in the locale that have had a prior at-fault accident. When driving through high-traffic locations, avoid getting too close to commercial vehicles and taxis for an extra safe ride.

5 Rock Hill, South Carolina

With South Carolina’s second appearance on this list, it solidifies itself as the most frequent site of car accidents in the South. 18.7% of Rock Hill’s drivers have had prior at-fault accidents, and since this is one of the smaller locations on the list, residents are more likely to know who to be wary of on the road. Unfortunately, that won’t prove true when you find yourself driving through Rock Hill – so watch out!

4 Greenwood, Indiana

Indiana was likely far from most readers’ minds when they guessed what states were going to make it on this list. However, the charmingly quaint, but accident-prone township of Greenwood, Indiana proved to be the fourth most accident-heavy location in the United States during 2021. A surprising 18.74% of drivers in the city have a prior at-fault accident following them around on the road. Alongside the drivers, be sure to watch out for the abundant amount of deer on the Indiana roads as well!

3 Manchester, New Hampshire

Oddly-topped pizzas are not the only thing off-putting about the otherwise beautiful state of New Hampshire. The strange roads and highly-varied driving conditions make the state known for higher accident rates. In 2021, the population of one of New Hampshire’s most well-known attractions (Manchester) had 19.21% of their drivers charged with a prior at-fault accident. Thankfully, many of the state’s most beloved attractions are off-road, so that should put any travelers with New Hampshire in their sights at ease.

2 Warwick, Rhode Island

As you’ve probably realized by now, the upper east coast of the U.S. is home to many of the most accident-prone towns and cities in the United States. The charming town of Warwick comes in at number two with 19.43% of their drivers having a prior at-fault accident on their record. To ensure you’re not stranded out of your comfort zone next time you’re coasting through Rhode Island, take a detour if you get too close to Warwick.

1 Johns Island, South Carolina

Where’s Johns Island? That’s a question most readers will be asking themselves right now. Just like many other accident-prone cities in 2021, the lesser-known, but still fairly populated towns got hit the worst. With a whopping 21.6% of their driving population sporting a prior at-fault accident, you’d be right to stay extra on guard anytime you’re passing through this chaotic little piece of Americana. With South Carolina finding itself on this list three whole times, it may be worth ensuring you’ve got the best accident and auto-insurance rates possible if you live in the Southern state.

Stay Safe on Your Next Big Road Trip

With this list of must-avoid spots, your next road trip is sure to be smooth and exciting. Even if you find yourself unable to avoid driving through one of these spots, or if you have the frustration of living in one of these highly accident-prone locations, access to these data points can help you keep yourself safe on the road. However, in the unfortunate event that you get injured in a car accident in these areas or other major cities like New York, it is recommended that you contact The North Shore Injury Lawyer right away. He can guide you with each step of the process so you can get the necessary compensation, especially if you require medical attention.

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