Tips for Preventing Heart Disease for Every Age Group

Our heart is the most important organ in our body and as such it deserves all the care and attention. This treatment needs to be provided throughout our lives so that not only we get a long life but a healthy one too.

Prevention of heart diseases involves making choices which are conducive for your health in the present so that you can reap the benefits in the future. Some of the commonly made mistakes by people involve not exercising and having a poor diet among others. However, making changes to the lifestyle can surely help in keeping the heart healthy.

Some of the few ways in which you can keep yourself healthy depending on your age, as part of your heart failure treatment are as follows:

In Your 20s

If you are conscious about your heart from an early age, it gives you an advantage. Your habits and lifestyle determine not only how long you are going to live but how well you are going to live your time.

heart failure treatment

Some of the points to remember in this age are:

• Visiting a doctor – You should pay regular visits to your doctor irrespective of whether you are well or not. This will help keep ailments at bay and will help keep various body parameters such as blood sugar, body mass index, cholesterol, and heart rate in check.

• Exercise – At this age, it is easier to remain physically active. Find a workout time and routine and ensure that you stick to it.

• Avoid smoking – If you have started smoking regularly then you must quit it at the soonest. Exposure to second-hand smoke is also dangerous as such individuals are 30 per cent likely to contract some form of heart or lung ailment.

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In Your 30s

By this age, you are most-probably working which leaves you little or no time to take care of your heart. However, there are still ways in which you can achieve that:

• Family Inclusion – Make plans to include your entire family as part of the process of taking care of your heart. This means less time on the couch and more time doing some form of physical activity. This can include going to the nearby park, talking the dog out for a walk or planting fruits and vegetables with your family.

• History – It is essential to know your family history which should include figuring out whether you have relatives with a history of heart disease. You are more likely to have a heart disease if the relative is a parent or a sibling. Your doctor should also be informed of family history of heart disease.

• Stress Control – One of the biggest reasons for heart diseases happens to be stress. You should thus opt for stress management measures such as deep breathing exercises or doing some activity which brings down your stress levels.

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40s and Above

Once you are in your forties, you need to make changes in your lifestyle and stick with it for the rest of your life:

• Weight Check – Beginning from the forties, people tend to develop this tendency to increase their weight. This is a parameter which should be kept in check by doing some physical activity.

• Blood Sugar Level – Stress and over-weight tend to increase blood sugar levels and it is essential to keep checking it at regular intervals.

Signs of Heart Attack. The symptoms of heart attack are different in men and women. It is thus essential to know the symptoms as it can not only help someone’s life but also avoid some serious disability.

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