Tips For Long Hair Care

Long and flowy hair is traditionally associated with a woman’s beauty. Although there are trends for women to cut their hair short, especially when it suits you, most people see long hair as a staple for women everywhere. If you are thinking about cutting your hair short because you feel like it’s too much work to care for long hair, we have compiled helpful tips to help you in maintaining a long and glorious mane.

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Embrace the Fact that Long Hair Needs Extra Care

Long hair maintenance starts with the acceptance that it needs extra attention, love, care, and spending on hair products. Instead of taking only five minutes of brushing a sleek bob, it may take ten minutes to brush a shoulder-length hairstyle for it to be perfect. You may also spend more money on hair care products and treatments, which can be frustrating for some. But, if you’re willing to commit, you’ll reap the rewards of a shiny, glorious crown.

Regular Salon Appointments

One of the greatest secrets of maintaining long hair is frequent trips to the salon for trims and treatments. Trims are necessary for keeping split ends at bay. Treatments, on the other hand, are for colored and heat-damaged hair. When you have long hair, plan an appointment at the salon every ten to twelve weeks for a trim and every six to eight weeks for regular treatments for damaged hair.

Taking the Time to Detangle

Long hair is prone to tangles and weird knots. The solution for this issue is to brush your hair daily to avoid breakage and rat’s nests. You can ask your hairstylist for the best type of brush for your hair type. Many choose to purchase the half nylon/half boar bristle brush that is ideal for stimulating your scalp for the release of healthy oils.

Skipping the Daily Shampoo

Most people believe that you need to wash your hair daily with shampoo for cleansing and nourishment. The truth is, you don’t. Regular shampooing washes away the oils that your body naturally produces. Also, make it a point to choose which shampoo is the best for you because one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to hair.

Never skimp on conditioner

Conditioners do more than give your hair a nice fragrance. They hydrate, nourish, condition, repair and smooth your hair. Choose the best quality conditioner you can afford if you want silky, flowing, and healthy long locks.

Treat Your Hair Weekly

Aside from regular salon appointments that you need to commit to, you should pamper your hair with weekly hair treatments. You can purchase user-friendly treatments like keratin conditioners that are ideal for weekly nutrient replenishment. If you don’t have any idea which formula would suit your hair, you can consult your hairstylist or look for the packaging indications that will help you decide.

However, if you are feeling unsatisfied with your current hair length, you can use growth stimulants such as a hair growth serum to achieve your desired length.

Styling with Looser Updos

Having long hair is what many women choose when it comes to styling and chic looks. Of course, there are moments where curling or letting your hair down is unsuitable for your situation. For instance, you need to concentrate at work, but your hair keeps falling around your face. You may end up wanting to put your hair up into ponytails or buns. However, be careful not to apply too much strain and tension to your hair by tying it too tight. You can go for braids or a half-up top knot bun that is both classy and won’t damage your hair.

Keeping long hair shiny and healthy may seem daunting at first, but it’s a breeze once you get used to routine care habits. Try out different methods and products to find out which works best for you.

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