This Is How to Tell if Yeezys Are Real

Take the second largest sportswear company in the world, add a trendsetting pop culture icon, and you get Yeezy shoes. Born of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West, Yeezys have become perhaps the biggest prestige sneaker of the century. Sadly, a prestige item like Yeezys inevitably inspires fakes, and telling them apart from the real deal isn’t as easy as you think.

Here’s how to tell if Yeezys are real and avoid being conned.

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A Sketchy Offer 

If you know about Yeezys, then you know why they’re so expensive. It follows that one of the biggest signs Yeezys are fake is a deal too good to be true.

If you find a cheap pair of Yeezys on eBay or know someone who’s selling them at rock-bottom rates, it’s clear they’re not the real deal. That goes double if they’re trying to tell you what a steal they are—you’re being conned.

Real Yeezys are expensive and it’s as simple as that.

Material Concerns

Fake Yeezy shoes use different materials from the real thing, which can be detected by eye and touch. The material used is softer than the real thing.

Genuine Yeezys are made with durable, robust material, while fake Yeezys use a squishier, less sturdy alternative. This means fake shoes tend to wear out faster, too, and the difference in the material can distort the overall shape of the shoe.

The Package

One overlooked way of telling if these shoes are real is to look at the packaging. It’s almost sure to have minor variations from the real deal, which you can easily find by looking it up online (e.g. in unboxing videos).

Serial numbers are another area where fake packaging tends to fall down, so check to see if there’s a legitimate serial number present.

Colors and Blending

The iconic colors, patterns, and detailing on these shoes make them easy to reproduce—but only at a glance.

A more detailed look will reveal flaws. Stitching and patterns may be messy and colors may have a “printed on” look in contrast to the blended style of the real thing.

Space Out

As Yeezys have iconic designs made to meticulous conditions, one way to spot a fake is by the misalignment of elements.

Common misaligned elements include the heel tab and logos, which are often misplaced compared to the real shoes. Logos are often larger on fake Yeezys and may also be inverted compared to the real logos.

How to Tell if Yeezys are Real Made Easy

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if shows are real, then we hoped we helped. With these simple tips, you can spot fake Yeezys and avoid falling prey to someone’s con. Be aware, however, that spotting fake Yeezys can be a challenge, and even the experts get it wrong occasionally. Always assume that a deal too good to be true is exactly that, as it’s the most reliable way of spotting fake Yeezys.

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