Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Heels

Getting the right bridal shoes is a top priority when shopping the long list of bridal accessories to complete your wedding day ensemble. It’s the ultimate fashion quest for some brides – nearly as important as the hunt for the perfect dress, while for others, it’s all about comfort (which is the most important factor, no matter how much you value fashion).

High heels make your wedding dress stand out, but sometimes they cost you your comfort. Pretty and comfortable wedding heels such as Deseo high heels can make your wedding day ultra-special.

Even if you have a million other priorities, your wedding-day shoes have an essential role. You have to wear them for a few to several hours, so before deciding on one, there are some things to consider that’ll make sure you make the right choice.

Tips for choosing your wedding high heels

before buying wedding heels


You’ll want to look graceful and beautiful while walking down the aisle. Regardless of what shoes you choose, the most important aspect to remember is that you’ll have to walk around in them. Even if you find the most beautiful shoes you could ever imagine, they aren’t for you if you don’t feel comfortable walking in them. The worst thing you can do is sway down the aisle because of uncomfortable shoes. So you must choose comfortable heels for you to walk around for several hours.


Your wedding dress is probably your biggest investment, so you might want to find a shoe that compliments it and your style. Look at the details of your dress. Does your gown feature classic lace or sparkling rhinestone embroidery? Are there any blue details on it? To make your shoes match your dress, look for similar elements in the design. You don’t want them to clash by mixing and matching.

 Heels style and height

If you wear heels every day, you may want to go for a similar heel height on your bridal shoe. However, the girls who prefer flat shoes probably won’t enjoy suddenly switching to 3-inch heels.

There are various factors to consider regarding the heel style, such as, does your family tradition call for closed shoes at weddings? Do you need wedges or block heels for your garden wedding? If you feel comfortable with your height, don’t be afraid to wear flat bridal shoes, but if a heel is more to your taste, perhaps you can opt for wedge sneakers!

 Buy early

It’s great to find your dress first, but you should also be looking for your bridal shoes while you do. Your dressmaker must know exactly how high your wedding shoes are, so they can adjust your dress length according to your heel height to give you a perfectly polished look! Therefore, don’t wait too long to buy your heels to avoid any compromises on your wedding look.


Finding the right wedding heels like Deseo high heels isn’t as tough as it sounds. Just follow these simple and easy tips to find your perfect pair in no time.

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