These Are the Perks That You Get When You Join Disney Vacation Club

Planning a trip to Disney in 2021 is going to look a little bit different considering the new social distancing rules that are being implemented throughout the parks.

Yet, one way to make sure your trip is better than ever is by joining the Disney Vacation Club. You’ll find that the “Membership Extras” that come along with joining the club can change the way you enjoy Disney.

What exactly are these awesome perks of joining the exclusive Disney Vacation Club? Well, we’re here to tell you!

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the perks you get when you join Disney Vacation Club.

Join Disney Vacation Club
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Exclusive Merchandise

One of the biggest perks of joining the Disney Vacation Club is the exclusive merchandise made for members. When you’re shopping on shopDisney.com, you can find an entire section dedicated to DVC merch.

Whether you’re looking for apparel, accessories, or anything else DVC-related, the merch will look great on your next Disney vacation or your everyday life.

As a member, you also get the chance to save 20% each time you buy merchandise. Saving money is one of the biggest perks that come along with being a Disney Vacation Club member.

You can even take advantage of free shipping of online products. Whenever you spend over $75.00, you can get free shipping on your items.

No Parking Charges

Planning a trip to Disney is fun and exciting, yet we all know that it can get pricy. One cost that most people don’t look forward to paying is parking a car overnight at various resorts and hotels.

Paying for parking is something Disney implemented a few years ago as a way to help with the upkeep of the parking situations. You’ll find that as a Disney Vacation Club member, you will be exempt from paying most parking charges at resorts and hotels.

Parking for free is a great perk of the Disney Vacation Club. It is because your annual dues cover the costs of parking facilities and maintenance, meaning you get to park for free.

If you want to learn more about DVC parking, check out our informative article.

Discounts On Annual Passes

Joining the Disney Vacation Club might mean that you plan on going to Disney quite often. If so, you could consider buying annual passes for the whole family.

With the Disney Vacation Club, you can get a discount on your annual passes to Disney. You can save hundreds of dollars for your entire family so that you can all go to Disney Parks throughout the year. These are huge savings that tend to be worth it!

You should note that currently there are only two groups that can buy annual passes due to the pandemic. These two groups are people who have canceled their annual pass as well as three-year-olds.

Save Money on Dining

When planning a Disney trip, you’re going to be thinking about all of the great places that you can stop to grab a bite to eat. Did you know as a Disney Vacation Club member you can save money?

Most of the time you’ll be able to save about 10% to 20% on dining options throughout the parks and at resorts or hotels. Yet, if dining is slow the discount is bumped up to 30% off.

Saving money on food is a great way to reduce the cost of your Disney trips, especially if you plan on going a lot. You’ll find that as a DVC member you will have tons of ways to save money and spend more time doing the things you love while at the parks.



Access to an Exclusive Bar

Are you looking to have access to an exclusive bar and lounge that only members of the Disney Vacation Club can get into? The Top of the World Lounge is located in Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and it is exclusive to DVC members.

You’ll find that this is a classy and elegant bar with plenty of drink and food options for you to choose from. Whether you want a barbarian pretzel, seven-layer cake, or simply a beer, they have you covered.

The best part of going to the Top Of the World Lounge is the view. You’ll see the amazing view of Walt Disney World like you never have before.

If you go to the lounge at night, you’ll even be able to see the fireworks from inside or on the balcony. With beautiful music playing and an amazing view, who wants to miss out on this?

Another Exclusive Lounge

You might be surprised to know, but there is another exclusive lounge meant for Disney Vacation Club members. You’ll find this lounge at Epcot, and it is great for relaxing throughout your day.

The Imagineering Lounge is the perfect place for you to sit back and charge your phone so you can take more amazing pictures of your trip to Disney.

The best part of heading into this lounge for DVC members is the free snacks! They serve free Coke Freestyle, coffee, and snacks like gummy bears.

It is a great spot for kids that need a break from the hustle and bustle of Disney but still need a bit of stimulation during the day.

After spending some time relaxing, you can head upstairs to another fun attraction, especially for kids. ImageWorks is an awesome place for kids to explore and let their imaginations run wild.

Disney world

Joining the Disney Vacation Club

As you can see, joining the Disney Vacation Club has many membership extras that you’re going to want if you’re a fan of Disney. You’ll find that there are tons of exclusives and perks that you get to start taking advantage of right away.

Don’t wait! Join the Disney Vacation Club as soon as possible so you can have access to all things Disney from the comfort of your own home.

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