The Ultimate Guide To Brand Awareness

Running a successful business takes a lot more than just having a great product or service. Getting to the top isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But one way that you can help your business get there faster, is by creating brand awareness. It can be tricky to get your name out there with so many competitors, but if you work hard to ensure your company is visible, you’ll soon see the road to success become clearer. To help you get there, we’ve put together this handy guide so you can create the best brand awareness you can. Keep reading to find out more…

brand awareness


Brand awareness doesn’t have to be difficult. Something as simple as personalising your packaging with custom stickers can go a long way. For example, having your name a logo on your printed mailing bags works as a perfect advertisement. Every single person who handles the package will see your brand and could then become a potential customer. This type of advertising can be cheaper than other large-scale projects, but it can sometimes get you better results. You can also work on a rebranding strategy to increase your brand awareness among your customers.

Social Media

If you aren’t on social media, then you need to run over to your smartphone now and set up an account for your business, because you are missing out big time. Not only does social media allow you to promote your posts in the form of adverts, but you can easily get your brand seen by more people just by using popular hashtags. You could even create custom hashtags for your brand too and encourage customers to use them when posting photos of their purchases from you. This can also allow you to visit the hashtag and see what your customers are saying about you and this type of feedback is invaluable. Having a busy social media page shows customers that you’re a business that’s working hard and demonstrates that you’re passionate. There are so many features on all the different social media platforms, so make sure you take full advantage of them to really get your brand in the public eye.


As well as creating social media content, working with influencers can be a great way to garner more attention for your business. Try finding popular accounts that seem like they would actually use your product. For example, it’s no use contacting a popular influencer and asking them to promote your protein powders if they don’t post about fitness. Try looking at hashtags related to what you do, and you’ll easily find the right accounts to work with.

Visual Content

If you’ve got a social media page, try thinking about what kind of content you’re posting. Only posting photos can actually be a detriment to your account, as people can lose interest. Try incorporating other forms of visual content like videos or make use of the “Go Live” features that a lot have. Videos can allow you to demonstrate your brand and product a lot easier than just one photo. Videos can also feel more personal as well and make your business seem approachable. Don’t fall into the trap of posting the same old photos either. Try your best not to repost the same things to your feed, as people will notice this and will be more likely to just scroll past. You want to create content that is visually engaging so that when a new customer sees your targeted advert, they actually take the time out of their day to watch it and check you out.

Show Who You Are

When you advertise your business, you want to make sure you’re showing people who you are as a brand and what you stand for. People want a company who they can believe in and seems to have a real story that they can empathise with. Don’t be afraid to put your backstory out there! You’ll be surprised how many people will pay attention to you the more transparent you are. If your product is very similar to the competition’s, having an intriguing story or background can be the deciding factor between you both, so don’t hide yourself away.

Get Involved

Digital brand awareness is great, and super easy too. But don’t forget about in-person marketing as it can be a really useful tool. Get involved in local events and set up a stall. Even if you aren’t selling a physical product, you can still get out there and have pamphlets leaflets, and even merchandise. Your area will want to help support local businesses, so make use of what’s around you. It’s also a good idea to travel to events that may be a little further afield. Look at what trade events are happening throughout the year and hit them up. Although digital marketing does a fabulous job, getting up close and personal with people is always a winner.

Samples And Freebies

If you’re going to events, make sure you have some samples or freebies that you can give to people, and make sure you have your brand name plastered on them. People may not remember the coffee stall that they passed by without stopping, but they’ll definitely remember the coffee stall that gave them a free latte and a small pouch of beans. Brand awareness is about creating a connection with the public, so don’t focus purely on the money and getting people to buy from you. Some people may not be able to buy something at the exact moment they encounter you, but providing them with a free sample, can be enough to bring them back and recommend you to their friends.

Brand awareness is a tough one in this digital age. Some companies can go viral overnight and never have to worry about it again, and others may have to work on it consistently to see results. With so much competition, it’s essential that you take your brand awareness seriously. You want to be the first business people think of and working to get your name out there is one of the best ways to do that. Make your brand memorable and you’ll soon see the difference it can make.

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