The Top 7 Summer Hen Party Destinations

Every bride-to-be deserves a massive party that is dedicated solely to her before a wedding day. You are ready to settle down, you found a perfect partner, and this change in your life needs to be celebrated. Besides, wedding planning is a lot of work, so why not take a small break from the madness? Now you should ask yourself the question of where do you want to go to your hen party to celebrate your remaining single days. Here are the top seven hen party destinations from different continents and different price tags to make sure you find the perfect one.

Summer hen party destinations

Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a country that has a lot to offer beautiful beaches, pure water, and fantastic nightlife such as Malestrippermelbourne. And if you want to go down under, visit the capital city of Melbourne. The city is host to many live music events, there is plenty of high-quality restaurant with cuisines from around the world, and you will not be disappointed. If you want to organize your hen party somewhere between December and February, there is no place better as it is summer there during this time. Melbourne is also a very adventurous city, so if you are looking for more than just a party hens night in Melbourne is definitely for you.

Marbella, Spain

Marbella is a place for more of a luxurious getaway. Located in southern Spain and is a part of the Costa del Sol region, which makes it very popular among tourists and celebrities. The city was made famous by the hit show TOWIE. The beaches here are simply stunning, and bars located there are serving the most amazing cocktails. You can expect excellent accommodation and daytime pool parties. What else can you possibly need to relax and have some fun?

Summer hen party destinations


If you are looking for a more od a crazy time, Ibiza is the right destination for you to choose. It is home to possibly the most fabulous and wildest parties in the world. The theme here is a party at night and hangover at the beach during the day. But please remember that Ibiza has more to offer than just amazing clubs. You can visit the stunning old town of Ibiza, for example, in between the parties. Also, make sure to try the delicious local cuisine!

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Split, Croatia

Split is the city you will fall in love with, but don’t worry, you will come back for your wedding. Croatia is a very budget-friendly hen party destination, and Split is its crown jewel. Located on the coast of the azure Adriatic Sea, full of gorgeous beaches, local restaurants, and a wide range of activities, this place is any bride-to-be’s dream. Visit many of the palaces in Split and feel royal. Another pro tip is to avoid going there during high season, as beautiful Croatia attracts masses, and it can get crowded.

London, The United Kingdom

London is a city that is a blend of cultures, colors, and activities. With so much to do and see, this place never goes to sleep or gets boring. London will satisfy your needs no matter what they are. Spas, clubs, restaurants from all over the world, anything you need this city can offer. England’s capital city just has it all, and the price range is also adjustable, you can go both budget-friendly or luxury.

Summer hen party destinations

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has become one of the popular traveling destinations in Europe at the moment among young people. It is inexpensive, there is excellent nightlife, and it is perfect for a hen party as well. And if you are looking for relaxation, there are also many spas and local thermal baths for you to try, Budapest is the best of both worlds, a lovely place to explore and even better to party at. Depending on where you come from, Budapest might represent the greatest value for money on the list, so if you want to celebrate in a bigger group, it is perfect. Hungary is a country with great history and flavor, and it awaits your arrival.

Marrakesh, Marocco

Finally, it is time to explore more of an exotic destination from the list. It turns out Africa is not that far after all, especially if you plan to go to the north part of it, where Marocco is located. And since it will be your last trip as a single lady, you might want to go big. Marrakesh is a perfect mix of European, Middle-East, and African cultures, and it will bring you colorful memories. Prepare your senses to experience something they never have before. This city is so artsy, lively, and exciting, it will take your breath away. If you want your hen party to be unforgettable, Marocco is the way to go.

Makarresh Marocco

Choosing a destination for your hen party is an exciting time. This trip will be very much about you and your single life, so make sure to be selfish and pick the destination that appeals to you the most. Whether you want to party all night or relax during a massage, there is a destination that will satisfy your needs. Think about the budget and then make your hen party the best event of your single life!

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