The Native Nigerian Attires to Slay in 2019

Are you a Nigerian male seeking to know what native styles are in fashion in 2019? As with the way guys keep raising the stakes when it comes to fashion these days, it’s only natural to step up your fashion game as well, so you don’t look like a misfit.

How did these native styles make our list? Thanks to our runway models, stylists and fashion enthusiasts that are constantly setting the pace in Nigerian men fashion.

Let’s do this!

Nigerian men fashion agbada style


Did this come as a surprise? Nah…it shouldn’t. In reality, what’s a Nigerian male’s wardrobe without the agbada fabric in it? You guessed right: incomplete! This attire doesn’t ever go out of fashion. Here’s what keeps happening: embracing creativity in how the design is done.

So whether you choose to design it like that of Ebuka of Big brother that made news a couple of years back or you come up with something much more creativity, hey, your agbada is what you define it to be. Hence, do get creative!

NIgerian men fashion stiku style


Possibly the name of this style was coined from the fact that Nigerian’s ex-vice president was always seen on this fabric. To say this style doesn’t seat well on any Nigerian male, will be falsehood at its peak. If you are looking to nail that event with a fashionable Nigerian men fashion wear, then the Atiku style is one that’s sure to give you an aura and charisma that cannot be overlooked.

If this style is not one in your wardrobe yet, then you shouldn’t wait one more sec to add it to your clothing collection.

NIgerian men fashion akara style


Ankara is and will always be in trend. Planning to have a couple of them in your wardrobe isn’t a bad idea at all. Ankara comes in varying bold colors. The key here is to settle for a color that sits well with your color tone. As always, your creativity in churning out designs is what will clearly stand you out.

Nigerian men fashion senator style native style


The senator style presents a very formal look to a guy that decks it. Seriously, sometimes having an air of gravity about you is completely necessary to be taken seriously. So if you are looking to attend a formal meeting and wearing a pair of suit isn’t an option, then the senator wear is the alternative you seek. And boy, you will be smoking hot in it, as a matter of fact, this style should be a must for any guy who claims to be trendy.


Native styles play a significant role for Nigerians, and being creative in dishing them out is the rule of the game. You aren’t thinking of attending that naming ceremony decked up in suits, are you? Or are you planning on attending that family reunion wearing a bow-tie? Do you plan on wearing an outfit that will make you look formal and cool? You will certainly look outstanding if you come out in a native costume. At least for these occasions, native styles are especially superior.