The Most Popular Beauty Trends From Around The Globe

beauty trends from around the globe

With this year slowly, but surely, coming to its end, we start to summarize it. What were our biggest impressions of this year? This is a question that everyone asks themselves and if you are a beauty lover, you will certainly ask what the most popular, global trends in the domain of beauty were. What did the people in Australia, Russia, Sweden, and all around the globe enjoy the most when it comes to beauty and makeup? Exactly to answer your question, we bring you some of the most popular beauty trends from around the world.

Russia and Luxurious Lashes

beauty trend around the globe

Russia is known as the homeland of many top models, such as the stunning Irina Shayk and many other gorgeous women. The trend that the majority of Russian ladies are loving these days is the one of accentuating their eyes with long and thick dramatic lashes. The way they achieve this effective and trendy look is by simply applying a few individual, fake eyelashes or going all-in with the luxurious 3D extreme eyelashes. If you opt for these incredible lashes, you will find out that they are not only soft but also quite lightweight and they won’t weigh down your natural lashes. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and beautiful while wearing them.

Australia and Natural Makeup Look

beauty trends around the globe

The natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look is one of the biggest beauty trends among Australian women. Glowing skin, neutral eyeshadows and even using your bronzer as your eyeshadow and thus creating a subtle yet gorgeous look is among favorites of many women that love to go for it on a daily basis. This kind of basic makeup look will accentuate your natural beauty and it also goes perfectly along with another beauty trend, and that are tattoos. Whether you have a delicate tattoo on your neck or if you are thinking about getting a powerful tattoo body suit, neutral makeup will make sure that focus still stays on the tattoos that have both an artistic and sentimental value to you. Therefore, if you are a fan of minimalistic makeup looks, you will love this trend that swears by a bit of highlighter, a good bronzer, and some mascara.

Sweden and Nude Lips

beauty trends around the globe

A bold red lip is not exactly the hottest trend among Swedish women. They will rather go for a subtle and natural nude lipstick and enhance their natural eye color with a cool, grayish eyeshadow. This kind of makeup looks amazing when complemented with another Swedish beauty trend, and that is pink hair. Adding a romantic, pink hue to your hair is perfect for both blondes and brunettes and it is no wonder that many celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, have tried out this colorful trend.

Brazil and Lined Lower Lashes

brazil long lower lashes sheeba magazine

Women in Brazil usually have a darker upper lash line and to create a balanced look, they line the lower lash line with a dark, waterproof liner. Another way of creating a visually thicker lower lash line is by applying a few coats of great, waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes. This kind of look with bold lashes looks even more incredible with another amazing trend and that is the bold, red lipstick. A matte, red lip and stunning lashes are guaranteed to accentuate your flawless complexion and this makeup look is absolutely divine for any special occasion.

France and Brown Eyeshadow

france brown shadow sheeba magazine

If you are aiming at achieving that effortless and chic look that French women are known for, then you better stock up with neutral, brown eyeshadow. This kind of earthy tone on your eyelids, combined with a touch of highlighter and romantic, curtain bangs are the trend to follow to get a gentle and sophisticated look.

What is your favorite trend from all of the mentioned? You will look stunning, whether you go for a bold tattoo and neutral makeup, if you opt for dramatic lashes, or even if you decide for another popular beauty trend.

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