The Fashion Trends that are in This Summer

During the summer, there are always unique styles that emerge and start a trend. Summer in 2020 is no different. Now is the best time to go on a shopping spree and add some cool fashionable pieces to your closet. From cute dresses to feel good on a sunny day to maxi leather jackets to stay warm when the temperature drops, we have rounded up some of the best fashion trends emerging this summer. So, let’s take a look.

fashion trends this summer

The White Cotton Dress

The warm summer weather means bringing out the dresses! Indeed, this year, the white cotton dress is in. White looks beautiful in the sunshine and while women want to look good, they also want to feel comfortable too. This is exactly why material like cotton is making a comeback. The white cotton dress looks beautiful but involves minimal effort. You can throw on a pair of sandals and hit the beach or head out for lunch with your friends and family. Either way, you are going to look fabulous!

Tie-Dye Clothing

More people are spending time at home. At the same time, they also do not want to spend a fortune on clothes right now. So, to get themselves entertained, as well as enjoy new clothing, everybody is turning to tie-dye! This is a trend that emerges almost every summer and now it is easier than ever with kits available. You can choose the garment that you want to add color too and there are a variety of dyes available. You can make a fashion statement that is unique. Plus, it was fun to make too. For example, there are plenty of celebrities joining in with this trend. This includes Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna. You can read more about the latest celebrity news on the Celeb Network Fashion Section.

Pastel Bucket Hats

I think we can all agree that not everybody will be able to pull off this latest fashion trend. But if you have confidence, you should give it a go! Pastel bucket hats are in this summer. Of course, this is a practical accessory that is going to help with the hot sun. But it is also becoming a trend fashion piece with pastel colors. From a zesty lemon shade to a subtle light beige, you can make the bucket hat part of your outfit this summer. It’ll definitely help you save time on styling your hair too.

Maxi Faux Leather Coats

If you live somewhere with cooler evenings during the summer then you will want to jump on the maxi faux leather coats trend. This is going to keep you looking cool and staying warm when the temperature drops in the evenings, with a longer style. Real leather is out right now and more people are opting for animal-friendly faux options. Of course, you can really stand out from the crowd with a bold color or being subtler with the classic black leather.

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