The Craze for Fitness – 3 Major Catalysts

During the last decade, we have seen the world go crazy about fitness and health. People have started to realize the benefits of keeping their health as a priority. With the ever-increasing social pressures, a person might find it hard to take out time for exercise amidst a busy work schedule. The studies of 2018 depicted an upward trend in the number of people taking part in some form of exercise in a day. Almost 35% of Americans were recorded to be participating in at least one form of exercise which is 5% more than in 2017. So what exactly is the real driving factor behind this sharp increase since the previous years? We have shortlisted the top 4 reasons why we think this change is taking over the world with such intensity.


Healthy Food

People say that the 2 main ingredients of fitness are exercise and diet. Even though people lay a lot of stress on exercise, it is actually the diet that really affects the health parameters of the body. A person’s diet is responsible for almost 70% of the fitness of the body. A few years ago we didn’t really have the concept of healthy eating like it is today. Healthy-conscious food is a totally revolutionized sector which is picking up very quickly. A health-conscious person can now select from various options of food items with information regarding their nutritional value. The science surrounding healthy food has developed to an extent that even something as unhealthy as a cheeseburger is now available with low fat and carbs options. Such types of foods that are healthy and also pleasing to the taste buds are a major reason for people to get conscious about their health. It is much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when even street food comes with the option of being healthy.


I would be lying if I said women don’t make an effort to keep themselves in shape so that they can fit in a dress they like. You must have also noticed men standing in front of the mirror trying to judge the fitting of clothing articles on themselves. Well, fashion has always been influencing people to stay fit to be able to fit into fashionable clothes. Moreover, brands like Fabletics have also started promoting Athleisure which is basically a combination of athletic ear and leisure clothing. Take out some time and see here how sportswear is made to fuse with the latest trends in fashion. Fashionable athletic wear can really push people to work out regularly, especially if they enjoy dressing up.


Toned Physique

People have always wanted to look good but the definition of looking good has been changing for a while especially when it comes down to the shape of your body. Well, these days a fit and toned body is considered attractive. You definitely don’t need to overload yourself with protein to be able to look attractive. People have started realizing that their only option for looking attractive is to have a nicely toned body. Eating healthy and exercising daily is the only natural way to achieve the toned physique you would want.

The craze for fitness and healthy living is not going to go away any time soon. New innovations and research regarding this will always keep happening and the world will never regress from this ideology.

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