Swimwear Style: How to Choose the Right Color and Pattern for You

People are always fashion-conscious, but not everybody knows the right style that complements their kind of physique and aura. Well, there are some style principles that you should know before getting awkward glances from beachgoers this summer. There are some swimwear style essentials that you need to consider, especially the colour and pattern of the summer outfit that you would want to strut around.

how to choose swimwear style

Shopping for swimwear online can be difficult, especially if you do not have a personal fashion stylist that will frankly tell you the nicety or tragedy the outfit could bring to your personality. Here are some insights from fashion gurus that will help you become the apple of the eye instead of being an eyesore on the beach.

Go for Comfort that Goes With Your Physique

If you’re busty, then go for support. Get a more sporty strap. You may also put on a padded bra to make the front area more decent even when wet. If you’re a bit bustier, go for dark colours that do not add up to the weight of those curves. Printed swimsuits are also high in hiding those curves that you’re trying to conceal. If you’re “round around the edges,” then smaller prints would be better for you than big prints because it makes you look like you have lost a few pounds.

how to choose swimwear style

Never Wear Black or Dull Primary Colors

The sun tends to shine more light on bright colours and will reveal your curves. If you’re athletic or slim, wear anything printed. However, smaller prints would make you look thinner, and you would not want to look like a praying mantis on the beach. Wear big prints and brightly coloured outfits that do not take the attention away from your physique.

Choose the Color and Prints of the Year

To still be in fashion, even when you’re not too confident about yourself, will bring out the inner goddess in you. Try buying swimwear online that is up-to-date with the latest trends. Go for summer vibe colours that will bring out your inner joy and make you feel good about yourself. Do not wear beige or anything that looks like the sand or the sunbeam. It would be best if you were in contrast with your environment so that people will see you walking by.

how to choose swimeear style bright and unique prints

Go for Prints That are Bright and Unique

Do not go for animal prints that have earthly tones. They look dull, and they are not going to make you look vibrant at the beach. For example, pick shades of yellow, blue, orange or green instead of brown or dark green. They can be pastel or neon in brightness, but make sure the brightness and saturation of the colour suit your skin tone.

The best practice for any fashion geek is to do some online research or refer to the latest fashion magazines. Keeping up with the trend will make your summer getaway more Instagram-friendly. Social media matters nowadays, and you’re always in for a debate with yourself whether or not to upload your vacation photos. Make sure your summer style will make other beachgoers approach you and ask you about where you bought your beautiful outfit. Choosing the right colour and print will lift you a notch, so make sure that the online store you’re buying it from has the authority and excellent customer reviews.

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