Sweet Virginia: How to Plan a Fun Trip to Virginia Beach

Planning a vacation to Virginia state? Then stopping by Virginia Beach is a must. From restaurants to escape rooms, here’s what you should know!

How to Plan a Fun Trip to Virginia Beach

Are you planning your next vacation in Virginia state? Many Americans head over to the Atlantic coast for a break.

If you find yourself in the area, you can’t miss a trip to Virginia Beach. You may think that this amazing place is simply sun and sand.

There are certainly miles and miles of beach. But there is actually much more to the city than sandy beaches.

If you want a family break or a couple’s retreat, Virginia Beach is the ideal location for your stay to avoid the crowds. Check out more about how to plan your trip below.

1. Where to Stay Overnight

If you plan to stay overnight to soak up the sights and sounds of Virginia Beach, you should stay in an oceanfront rental.

This may not have the luxury experience of one of the more expensive hotels in the city, but you’ll get the mingle among the locals.

There are dozens of other options in the city too if you want to enjoy a little R and R on your vacation.

2. Explore the Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is pretty famous around these parts. The stretch of boardwalk includes numerous restaurants and bars offering “happy hour” deals.

You’ll also notice an amusement park along the way. Heading up the skyscraper ride can be a spectacular way to orientate yourself around Virginia Beach.

Pick somewhere to enjoy ocean views while you sip your cocktails or munch on some delicious and freshly caught seafood.

3. Fun and Excitement

Now you know your way around Virginia Beach, you can head into town. Ready for some fun and excitement?

You can go with your party to the escape room at Breakout Games to test your credentials as a detective and puzzle solver.

If you want to sit back and chuckle to yourself, the Funny Bone comedy club nearby may have some hilarious entertainment for you.

4. Sun Worship on the Beach 

If you’re lucky enough to visit Virginia in the summer, you can enjoy the warmth and sunshine on the beach.

There are plenty of water sports to take part in as well. The waves are big enough for surfing and jet skiing. You can also rent kayaks for the day. Or you can bring your owns, you just need to have car and the best kayak carrier for two kayaks.

If you want to go fishing, you can catch your dinner later. There are crabs and clams ready to be caught.

5. Discover More Under the Sea

You can also visit the Aquarium at Virginia Beach. There is a wide range of marine life creatures to get to know here.

You may even get the chance to come face to face with live sharks. You’ll come away from the Aquarium with newfound knowledge of the deep-sea world.

Trip to Virginia Beach

Taking your next vacation in Virginia Beach is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You can pack a lot of fun on your trip to Virginia Beach.

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