Summer Food Program for Kids: Who are They?

Many children around the world including the US do not get healthy and nutritious food, especially during the pandemic. To provide these children with food there is a summer food program. No Kid Hungry runs a free texting service that assists families to find meals in their neighbourhoods. The needy ones should type the word FOOD and send it via text message. The organization also runs a national awareness campaign every summer with advertisements to acknowledge people. In rural towns, they work with rural communities to find solutions like food trucks, etc.

Summer Food Program for Kids

How Does This work?

They serve needy children and families with food, afterschool meals, breakfasts. In a survey, it was concluded that children are hungrier in the summer season.

    1. Afterschool meals

The after-school meal program that is a part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program provides children with food after the school day ends.

    1. School breakfast:

In the US, millions of children go to school on an empty stomach making it harder for them to achieve good grades. Schools across the country have initiated a school breakfast program. They work with educators, political leaders and local nonprofit organizations across the country to serve school breakfast.

Through the family nutrition education program, the cooking matters campaign is helping parents and caregivers learn how to cook healthy and affordable meals. They offer interactive grocery store tours, smartphone apps and other resources.

    1. Advocacy:

The organization works with elected officials and government agencies to improve the programs that kids rely on. Moreover, it tries to expand programs like SNAP to aid these poor children amid this pandemic.

Summer Food Program for Kids

Federal food programs

There are other federal food programs like SNAP, WIC, and national school lunch program:

    • SNAP:

It is one of the most efficient federal food programs as well as one of the most receptive providing additional aid to needy families during economic downswings. SNAP benefits are used to purchase food but not anything that causes lethal effects to the body like alcohol or cigarettes.

    • WIC:

WIC mainly aids children under five years of age or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. WIC serves fifty-three per cent of all infants born in the US. WIC not only provides food but also provides access to important services at WIC clinics, educational counselling and referrals to local health and welfare agencies.

Ways to Help

There are several ways through which children can be aided by local people.

    • Help the children while dining and shopping
    • Fundraise with no kid hungry
    • Speak up for kids
    • Engage in youth grooming activities

Bottom line

Millions of children are devoid of necessities like food, especially amid this pandemic. Summer food programs are aiding these children by proving them with free food. They can reach many of these children with programs like free breakfast, lunch and after school meals. There are several summer food programs in the US like No Kid Hungry. Other federal programs include SNAP, WIC, etc.  Several unauthorized individuals who fake to aid should be reported them verified.There are several ways in which people can assist these needy people by fundraising, donating cryptocurrency, donating stock in form of gifts, or give a monthly sustainer, etc.

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