Staple Footwear Items That Everyone Should Have

With some items of clothing, they are more of an investment than a frivolous spend. When it comes to the staple pieces, it is usually better to opt for quality over the cheapest price. This way, they will last you years and you can really get the most out of them. With shoes, you can select a timeless pair that go with everything, which can be dressed up or down. These items of footwear are invaluable if you consider how often you will wear them over your lifetime.

Staple Footwear Items That Everyone Should Have

Here we are going to take a look at staple footwear items everyone should have on their shoe rack…

A Pair of Heels

Although not everybody is a heels wearer, if you are, then you know the importance of a comfortable pair that you can walk in. Think stilettos, platforms, chunky heeled boots… the options vary massively, with different heel heights and thickness. There is a pair out there for everyone and every occasion. If you’re wanting a set to suit a multitude of events and outfits, then you’re best off going with more neutral shades of colour – think black, navy, brown and cream. With your heels, generally speaking, it’s best to keep bold patterns to a minimum (if you want them to match a variety of looks) but this is all dependent on personal style. If you can work it, work it!

Reliable Trainers

Are you a runner? A traveller? A gardener? The likelihood is, you will need trainers for some of the hobbies in your life. When you’re going out for your runs, you want lightweight shoes that are resilient. When you’re on your travels, breathable comfort is key for those long excursion days. When you’re in the garden, you need shoes that are easy to clean, whilst also strong and protective for if you drop a tool. There are trainers suited to each individual’s lifestyle. Consider this when buying yours, as trainers are essential for many forms of exercise. You don’t want to damage your feet whilst doing something you love due to not wearing the right clothing.

‘Smart’ Shoes

There will come a time in most people’s lives when they need a pair of smart shoes. And for this occasion, statement heels may not be suitable. For example, if you have a job interview. You need shoes that will make you look the part. You don’t want to have this on your list of worries when you are already stressed out prepping for the interview. This is why it is best to buy a pair of smart shoes that you can utilise time and time again throughout your professional career.

Staple Footwear Items That Everyone Should Have


Sometimes, you just gotta let your feet breathe. When it’s warm outside, there’s nothing better than getting your toes out and soaking up the sun. Now, the thing with sandals is, they can often be flimsy and unsupportive. This is not what you want or need. Take time to consider the practicalities of the sandals you are looking at. If you’re going on holiday and your shoes break 5 minutes in due to poor materials then you’re in trouble. Look into sandals from reputable brands with waterproof options if you want to wear them around the pool or at the beach.

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