Smart Moving Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

Undoubtedly, moving house can put you under enormous amounts of stress. Not only are there a million things to keep track of and plan, but there’s also the emotional strain of a huge life change and the physical effort you have to put into packing everything, moving it to your new home and then unpacking it again. All of this can cause you stress and even take its toll on your health, both mental and physical. That’s why you should find ways to lower the stress surrounding your move and make the whole process as simple as you can. Here are some tips to achieve that.

Lose What You Don’t Need

Smart Moving Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

One thing that most people have a problem with once they start packing for their move is the enormous amount of stuff that they suddenly realize they have. It can sometimes feel like your closet has a whole bunch of hidden compartments, since you’ll be pulling things which you even forgot you had and which you haven’t used in ages out of it. If, or better yet, when this happens, start sorting things into two categories, one being the things you’ll keep and the other one those you’ll get rid of. The things you don’t need any more can then be sorted into subcategories. You can give some of them away to charity or some of your family or friends, while others will probably end up in a dumpster somewhere. However, you’ll also find things that are brand new or have only been used several times. You can sell those things online or maybe organize a garage sale. Not only will you have fewer belongings to pack and move, which will save you a lot of space and time, but you’ll also make some money. Moving isn’t cheap and every dollar you make can help you cover the costs of it.

Schedule Things Early On

Smart Moving Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

Leaving things for the last possible moment can add a lot to your stress, especially if you find out that some services won’t be available to you when it’s too late to make any other arrangements. That’s why you should do whatever you can as soon as you know exactly when you’re moving. For instance, if you want the furniture for your new place to arrive there at approximately the same time as you, order it on time. Similarly, if you know you’ll want to take some pieces of your old furniture with you, you’ll need to organize transport for them, which is why you should make a reservation for an affordable ute hire for that day. If you do this early enough, you can find a reliable company such as these Singapore movers, which rents these vehicles and also offers a range of moving accessories. Renting a Ute vehicle and being able to drive it yourself, providing you have a standard car license, can be a better option than having to pay for both, a truck and its driver. Another thing you should schedule ahead of time are your friends, since you’ll need as much help as you can get to move all those boxes, bags and suitcases. Finally, you should make some inquiries about your cable and internet transfer. If those take some time, you’ll want to know, so that that part gets done just in time for your move.

Make Checklists Your Allies

Smart Moving Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

When you have so much to do and you start feeling overwhelmed, there is a high chance you’ll forget to do something or leave something important behind. That’s why you shouldn’t put too much trust in your memory, but rather in a good checklist. Creating one in the early stages of your move can ensure that everything gets done and that you’ll have everything you need on the day you move. For instance, leaving your old apartment without turning off the air conditioning or the water heaters can create additional costs for you, and this is something you can easily avoid if you have different checklists for different phases of the move. Similarly, you don’t want to leave any bills unpaid or forget to pick up any of your clothes from the dry cleaner’s. You can either print your checklist, or keep it on one or all of your devices, so that you can add things to it as they pop into your mind. Also, there are now some great apps you can use, making it simple for you to stick to your checklist at all times.

Enhance Your Packing Skills

Smart Moving Tips to Keep Stress at Bay

If you’ve ever moved before, and chances are that you have, you probably know how utterly exhausting packing can get. This is especially true if you leave too much of it, or even all of it, for the last few days before moving out. That’s why, in order to keep things in order and do them as calmly as possible, you should begin packing weeks before the move. Before you get to it, make sure you’ve got plenty of boxes, wide and strong duct tape and several permanent markers. Once you’ve got what you need, start packing the stuff that you don’t use often, such as clothes that are out of season and things like books or various decorations. When packing anything, always envision where you’ll want those things to be placed in your new home. That way you can properly label your boxes, not only by writing what’s inside them, but also which room in your new place they should be taken into. If you’re worried about anything getting lost or stolen, you can mark each box with a number, so that you notice if something’s missing before it’s too late.

All it takes is a bit of effort and some organization skills and you’ll manage to keep stress at bay through most of your moving process. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new home from day one.

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