Roof Maintenance Protects Your Property from Water Damage

Homeowners should keep their roofs in good condition with a roof inspection and maintenance by professionals carried out periodically throughout each year. Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance can help you prevent water from entering your property causing flooding, electrical hazards, damage to possessions, the foundation, structure and interiors, and the growth of mold. You can also contact professionals who provide  the best service in maintenance in roofing dallas can offer.


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It only takes one storm to damage a roof or clog a drainage system so it is important to check for roof and gutter damage, clean the roof and gutter after a storm or high winds, and have your interior walls and attic inspected for signs of water infiltration. Flat roofs and roofs with low slopes have special drainage needs to prevent leaking, flooding and the collapse of the roof and you may need to adjust the slope of your roof to ensure proper drainage.

Local plumbing codes state the requirements for roof flow rates and the capacity of the roof drainage system and the valley of your roof, where two sections of the roof come together in a V-shape, should collect water and channel it down to the gutters effectively. Roof drainage systems are important for diverting water into rainwater collection systems and prevent it from accumulating around the foundation where it can seep into your basement, erode the foundation and cause leaks, flooding and mold.

Gutters must have the correct amount of slope and be connected to downspouts to route water effectively and prevent ice dams during the winter which can damage the roof. A damaged gutter system can lead to water running off the roof in streams rather than being corralled into downspouts and if gutters have cracks or splits, water may damage the fascia, the straight board along the lower edge of the roof, and the soffits, the material covering the eaves of the property.

Gutters, drains and downspouts should be inspected and cleaned of debris regularly to prevent damage and gutter covers can be used to shield and keep debris out of your drainage system to avoid clogging causing leaks, flooding or the collapse of a flat roof. Sagging gutters or gutters pulling away from the home indicate damage and peeling paint around gutters, window or door frames are a sign of moisture problems. You should immediately call a Gutter repairs specialist and get it repaired.

If you are planning to replace your roof, think about investing in a rubber roof underlayment, an affordable addition which creates a more waterproof barrier between shingles and roof decking to extend the life of your roof. Granule loss on asphalt shingles occurs naturally over time, but you may need to replace your roof when you see many granules in your gutter and roof runoff or damage to the asphalt shingles.

When leaves, asphalt shingle granules and debris collect in gutters, water backs up and can flow over the sides of your roof in sheets rather than in drainage pathways. Look for worn, cracked, curled and missing shingles that need to be replaced and horizontal lines of granule wear beneath the edge of the shingles which show seals around the shingles have broken down enabling water to seep between the shingles into your property.


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Have overhanging tree branches and foliage trimmed to prevent them from falling onto your roof and impacting shingles causing granule loss. Get moss or algae covering shingles professionally removed to prevent damage to your roof and think about replacing asphalt shingles with duration or architectural shingles, or stone-coated steel roofing materials to protect your property from water better for longer.

Have Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance look at your flashings, the weatherproofing made from aluminum, copper or steel preventing water from getting under shingles and covering the roof where shingles may not reach to make sure your roof is protected from water damage. Check around the chimney, pipes, dormer windows, skylights, openings and throughout the dips and valleys of your roof to ensure they are smooth, intact and in good condition.

If gaps between shingles and flashings are large enough, water can pour through these areas into the interior during a storm so it is important to replace flashings. Citadel Roof & Building Maintenance can help with all your roofing needs from roof inspection to roof repair or replacement, gutter cleaning and gutter repair, fixing leaks, re-positioning downspouts and clearing blockages.

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