Remodeling Your Loft Space

The hunt for extra square footage in your home never stops. Whether you want another bedroom, office, library, or just extra space for your children, there is some major value to adding an extra room. Some homeowners decide to build an addition onto their house. A full addition can be difficult to build if you live in a development where homes are close together or if you have a limited budget. You can find all of the extra space you need in your current home’s floorplan. Yes, you can always make use of your attic.

You may think of the average attic as a storage space for old books, excess furniture you’re not quite ready to get rid of yet, and other objects you don’t need year-round access to. Well, it’s time to do some thinking and bring it up to speed with the right renovations.

If you are interested in transforming your unfinished attic into usable living space, DIYing your attic space is a great way to add more usable floor space for your home. It may help you enhance your home’s functionality. However, keep in mind the support structures and what can and cannot be moved within the space. Consult a professional when making decisions to help get your project underway.

Use these tips to learn how to transform your attic so you have a beautiful new space in your home without the cost of an exterior addition.

Remodeling Your Loft Space

More Space Under Your Roof

Attics are very challenging—they’re often dark, cramped, and, well, far from everything else in the house. Plus, they often have odd and awkwardly shaped spaces to work with. But the possibilities are nearly endless for an attic remodel. Before you start drawing up the plans, you should review some things to make sure the project makes sense.

Your converted attic’s ceiling will be a focal point for anyone entering the room. Make the most of it by finishing it in a way that will compliment your room’s design. With the ceilings being the main design feature, your walls have a supporting role. You have to maximize your walls with built-in storage and seating.

When designing your lovely heaven under the roof don’t forget you need a staircase to get there. Those old ones might not work, and you have to replace them with new ones. When installing a loft ladder keep in mind that it requires quite a few tools, and it will be helpful to get another pair of hands to help with the work, or better yet, a professional to do it for you to make sure that all safety standards are being met.

renovating Your attic Space

Attic Playroom for Your Kids

If you need some extra space for your children to run around and play, the attic may be the perfect place to create a colorful, kid-friendly playground. But, where do you start?

First, consider how you and your kids will access the attic. For accessibility purposes, you might include a spiral staircase that is not only functional but also provides a classic, visual flair. A loft ladder is another option.



Since your children will spend a lot of time there, you should consider adding windows for natural light. Consider adding some wallpapers with quotes from their favorite books. Oversized chairs or bean bags are good seating choices to make the space feel cozier, creative, and fun.

Cozy Children or Teen Bedroom

A bedroom conversion is the most common use for a renovated attic.

The unique shapes of an attic are perfect for a children’s bedroom. You can decorate in a way that enhances its shape. Children also won’t have as much trouble walking around with a sloped ceiling, although you might.

If your children are a little older, an attic bedroom is just as ideal for teens. By giving them a room or their floor, they can have a little more privacy and independence.

Your Loft Space

Incorporate a Stylish Bathroom

Adding an extra bathroom in the house to relax and unwind after working hours sounds like a great idea And those awkward dimensions don’t have to be a limiting factor in creating a bathroom in a loft space. While showers require a minimum amount of headroom and easy access, a freestanding bath can be fitted under a low ceiling. Simple shapes and a traditional color palette will work well.

One challenge when adding a bathroom to an attic is that you’ll have to think about new plumbing as well. The placement of your existing plumbing will likely determine the best way to structure your attic bathroom renovation, such as above the kitchen or bathroom on the floor below.

bathroom in attic

A Sophisticated Attic Office

If an extra bedroom in the loft isn’t what you or your family needs, but you work from home, a home office might be a good idea for you. To maximize productivity, a home office requires plenty of natural light, so opt for pale blinds in soothing neutral shades that still let the light in allowing you to work efficiently even when the sun starts to drop – as essential for bright summer days as well as shorter days in the winter months.

office in Loft area

Create a Home Library

Love reading? How about a dedicated spot for a collection of books. Make use of your attic’s walls for storing books. Organize them by color for a visually interesting organization system. Or, order them by the author so you’ll always know where your favorite book is located. Even a limited space can be put to good use.

You can create a reading nook when you spend time away to dive into a world of fiction. If you have a budget, windows provide natural light so you can fully take advantage of sunny, quiet days.

Bottom Line

An attic remodeling offers you a good opportunity to increase your home’s livable space without increasing its current footprint. That’s a real plus when you don’t have the available land for adding on. And an attic is a flexible space that can be adapted into just about any room you want it to be.

No matter what you have in mind for your attic remodel, so you can turn into a functional and beautiful space, we hope our suggestions very helpful.

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