Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada

Canada’s natural beauty is virtually unsurpassed in the world, from mountains and glaciers to hidden lakes and woods. But it’s not just the breathtaking scenery that draws visitors to Canada. Canada is full of clean, safe, attractive, and culturally cosmopolitan cities. On multiple occasions, Canada has been lauded as one of the world’s most livable countries. Whether you are interested in river rafting or live theatre, Canada will not disappoint you.

visit Canada

1 Canada’s Great Outdoors

The natural features of Canada are magnificent, to say the least. In British Columbia, you can see grizzly bears in their natural habitat while spending the week in the Knight Inlet Lodge. In many coastal regions, you can enjoy the beauty of whale watching between April and October. From mid-August, you can see the Northern lights (or the Aurora Borealis), the best time is the first weeks of winter. There is also Canada’s famous Rocky Mountains if hiking is your thing.

2 Canadian Landmarks

The Great White North is home to a wide array of landmarks. Canada has 48 National parks, including Ontario’s Algonquin National Park, and the renowned Niagara Falls also in Ontario, and that’s not even mentioning the landmarks of Canadian Cities. Visit Quebec City and see the Chateau Frontenac for yourself. At BC’s Okanagan Lake, you can see Canada’s own version of the Loch Ness monster, called Ogopogo. This is just a short list of all the things Canada has to offer. There are many other landmarks, something for everyone. Make a list of your favourite landmarks before you visit Canada.

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3 Canadian Culture

Canada has a rich culture because of its incredibly diverse ethnic groups. The Canadian culture is influenced by the British, the French, and their own indigenous cultures. The British and the French were the first settlers and they had fiercely contested rivalries for Canada as a whole. Despite its dark past, Canada is one of the world’s friendliest countries. With this culture comes all the cultural festivals, from food festivals to jazz festivals to the Summer Folk Festivals Canada’s got it all.

Let’s not forget about Canada Day, a centuries-old tradition in honour of the formation of the Canadian Confederation. With all these festivals comes delicious food. What with world-class restaurants and the best food from different corners of the world, almost every province has a different staple diet. For the best foodie experience, we recommend Western Canada, British Columbia in particular, for the best experience.

visit Canada

4 Amazing Cities

Canada is more than the Northern Lights. For Canadians, it’s easy to take a city break to Toronto for more than a few days. As a trade corridor, Toronto offers many opportunities to visit Ottawa. Canada’s famous cities are not only cosy and friendly, but also offer great attractions that you shouldn’t miss, so we highly recommend visiting.

Let’s talk about Toronto, Canada’s most interesting city. It’s not surprising that Toronto is famous for its famous restaurants. This is a good starting point for further exploration of Ontario. Some prefer to walk through vibrant cities or find a balance between natural beauty and architecture in a vibrant modern city.

Vancouver and Victoria offer a diverse cultural lifestyle, while Calgary and Edmonton are rich in natural resources. Regina and Saskatoon are proud prairie and Winnipeg is a cultural centre. Montreal is known as the coolest city in the world with plenty of sights and adventures.

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