Piano Learning: Working On The Right- And Left-Hand Coordination And More

Being in a music-friendly place like Smithtown, it is natural to incline towards a musical instrument or singing. Like many, you can find playing music more fun and energetic and hence, decide to start your journey with piano. You must have learned that it is the easiest one to get hold of in the initial stage. Whether that’s the main reason or you have a special place for this musical tool in your heart, you would want to hone your skills right so that the latter part of your learning can be successful. You will not hesitate to carve a career in this line.

piano lessons

For this, you will have to find a teacher who can train you in this field. Search for piano teachers near me in Smithtown, and you will have plenty of options to choose from at once. Till then, if you have a piano at home, you can educate yourself about the requirements to pick up this talent faster. For example, you can explore how you should use your hands when playing this instrument. Since many students face challenges with left- and right-hand coordination, you may want to get control over this area from the beginning.

Here are some insights that can come in handy in this regard. Let’s explore them quickly.

Techniques For Improving Right- And Left-Hand Coordination

As per general guidelines, you have to use your right hand to play on-staff pieces in the top stave and left side for the bottom stave. Similarly, a lot of pre-reading piano pieces require you to follow stems up and stems down to understand the use of hands. These can sound easier to remember, but young students mostly falter in this area for lack of proper knowledge or habit. Nevertheless, there is a way to sort this out with a bit of focus and practice. You can try a few engaging exercises to progress in your technique.

Get Two Types Of Percussion Instrument

To improve your left and right-hand piano playing activity, you can take two percussion instruments that produce distinct sounds. Imagine you choose a drum and an egg shaker. You can place a drum to your right and hold the other one in your left hand. Try to play them one by one with a note. Please continue to practice it till you feel satisfied. Some people believe that choosing two different instruments that need similar hand movements can be more productive. They have to create a distinct sound, though; only then can you track your hand activity. You can think of a drum and a tambourine, for instance.

Try With Hand Puppets

Sometimes, it may not be easy to grasp whether you should use your right or left hand. The confusion can occur due to the inability to distinguish between the right and the left sides. Mostly, young adults face this challenge. If you too struggle with this, using hand puppets can be a good idea. Take one finger puppet in the index finger of your right hand and the other in the same finger of the left. Point the correct finger with each note on the sheet while repeating whether it is a left one or right.

If you are aware of the high and low notes on the piano, it will be easier to recognize which one to play with right or left hand.



These are just a few examples that show how you can solve your hand coordination issue or reduce your stress when attending a piano class. However, it doesn’t mean you should allow this to become stressful. If you can’t practice this at home by yourself, don’t worry. As mentioned already, in Smithtown, it will not take much time to find the right piano teacher.

There will be a good number of piano schools in your neighborhood. You can contact them to gather information about how many classes they conduct a week, and who will take these lessons. Meet the professional beforehand to determine whether he or she can be the perfect person to approach for piano learning.

Finding A Piano Teacher

When discussing your passion and interest with a teacher, you can pay attention to the kind of involvement they show. A focused and curious professional will always make a note of your preferences and be equally enthusiastic about your decision behind choosing the specific musical instrument.

piano lessons

Also, don’t overthink about not being able to solve your right- and left-hand movement. Piano teachers train a countless number of students, and they tend to be quite patient. If they are genuinely professional, they will make sure their students have a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.

So, it makes sense to keep looking for an understanding piano teacher, and until you discover someone, try to figure out what types of issues can emerge at the time of learning and how you can tackle them. Since a reputable music school hires only genuine talents for teaching, you will likely not face any challenge. It is just that some can be fast learners than you. But it would help if you did not allow these things to bog you down or make you feel any less.

Learning piano can be a quite gratifying and emotional experience. If you get the proper guidance, your expertise in classical,  jazz and other genres can grow manifold. And you can one day pursue your passion or excitement as a career. Problems like hand coordination and others can slow your learning speed. But remind yourself that these are just about techniques and not talent. Once you overcome the potential hindrances, you can become the master of a piano with continuous training and practice.

So, what are you waiting for now? Look for teachers and, simultaneously, the difficulty areas that can pose a challenge in your musical journey. If you know where you could stumble, you can have a candid discussion about it with a trainer at the time of appointment and figure out if he or she can be helpful.

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