Top Tips To Always Make A Flawless Selfie

Every year the average person takes hundreds of selfies. These could be at the beach, in bed, at work or school, or anywhere else. Despite how many are taken, much fewer are ever posted or shared with others. A large reason for this is because plenty of them don’t turn out how we want them to.

Top Tips To Always Make A Flawless Selfie

Maybe your pose isn’t right, the background is off or you simply don’t like the way you look. While you might think it can take a ton of time to get it right when it comes to taking a great selfie, this doesn’t have to be the case. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few top tips to take flawless selfies.

Smile Naturally and With Your Teeth

When taking a selfie, one of the biggest problems many people run into is that they don’t like their smile. However, instead of trying to fine-tune your smile and optimize how it looks, just smile naturally. A natural smile is always better and incorporates all different parts of your face, not only your mouth. A natural smile is more inviting, will look better, and will take much less effort to capture on camera.

Also, be sure to smile with your teeth, it makes you look much happier and it looks a lot more natural than forcing a closed-mouth smile. If you are worried about your teeth and how they look, there are ways to whiten teeth in a photo to ensure you always look great and don’t need to worry.

Find the Right Angle

Angles are very crucial for taking a great selfie. The angle or position of the camera can completely change how you look and the shape of your face. While you may default to taking a selfie from straight-on, this won’t always look the best.

Instead, consider raising your phone or tablet a bit, and take the photo from above. Offer a bit of a head tilt and you will have an angle that most people feel works well for them. Taking a photo from a higher angle can give you a sharper jawline and help you look slimmer.

Also, experience with taking them from the side, to see how you like the photos taken from these different angles. However, make sure to keep the angles relatively subtle. If you take selfies from some insane angles, it can make the photos look a little strange.

Get the Lighting Right

Top Tips To Always Make A Flawless Selfie

Whether you are taking selfies on your phone, or professional photos in a studio, lighting is an important part of photography. It can not only highlight different parts of the photo and dictate the brightness but can also set the mood or tone. The most crucial element to get right when it comes to lighting is positioning.

For best results, you should have the light in front of you when taking selfies. That is part of the reason many companies make “selfie lights” that you can add to your phone to get solid lighting, wherever you are.

However, natural light is often the best, as it softens the skin and gives it a great tone. If you can’t get natural light for one reason or another, a softer interior light is often better than one that is too bright.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you learn some of the best ways to ensure your selfies are always flawless.

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