The Most Significant Trends In The Professional Photography Market In 2021

Like any creative sector, the photography market is constantly evolving, with new trends and ideas being introduced every few weeks.

Some of these photography trends are mere fads that pass by quickly and are easily forgotten. Others last longer and make a major impact on the professional photography industry.

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All professional photographers need to understand the trends in the market and how they could affect their business.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most significant and potentially important trends in the photography market this year.

The Rise Of Boudoir Photography

One type of photography that’s rising in popularity in 2021 is boudoir photography. Photographers such as Alyssa Abdullah offer women the chance to love their bodies by creating innovative, tasteful pictures of them wearing stunning lingerie. As women strive to move away from the prescribed body norms shown to them by women’s magazines and celebrity photo shoots, this inventive and beautiful style of photography is coming into its own.

Unique Edits Are Combining Fantasy With Reality

Modern editing techniques, as well as props and greenscreens, allow photographers to turn ordinary photos into magical marvels. It’s surprisingly easy to add natural-looking wings onto a human body or transpose a mystical galaxy onto a plain background. These edits aren’t exclusively for artistic photographers: everyone from fashion photographers to portrait takers can add a touch of whimsy into their work with a little editing skill and some cutting-edge software tools.

Drone Photography Is Coming Into Its Own

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Previously, drone technology was expensive and inaccessible to many photography studios. Today, the technology is evolving, and while it is still expensive, it is now much better in quality, which means that it can capture innovative images. It’s also incredibly popular, so if your agency offers landscape images or any other type of photograph that requires a view from above, then you should consider adding a drone to your camera kit. If you do decide to buy a drone, then make sure that you understand and comply with the drone flying laws and regulations so that you don’t get caught out.

Wedding Photography Is Going Romantic

The wedding industry has been decimated by COVID-19 over the past year, and as it slowly recovers, many couples are opting for small, intimate ceremonies. As such, wedding photographers need to focus on love and use natural images to capture the intimate nature of their celebrations. Large, showy images with lots of special effects and images of items will look out of place and incongruous during these challenging times for couples, particularly after many of them have had to postpone their nuptials multiple times. Natural images that have a human, intimate feel and capture candid expressions of love will make for a perfect memento of a special day.

This article offers just a short overview of some of the most impactful trends that the professional photography market needs to be aware of in 2021. Use them to inform your creative and business strategies and ensure that you enjoy a productive future.

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