Styling And Posing Hacks For The Ultimate K-Pop Inspired Instagram Posts

2018 was a big year for K-Pop and fashion on Instagram and last year, one of the world’s most popular musical acts, BTS, ruled the social media platform as their fans actively posted memes and OOTDs of the septet. It’s clear to see that K-Pop groups such as BTS, Blackpink, EXO, and Twice are setting the standards for high fashion looks. Moreover, they have perfected the art of posing for group photos, so getting some inspiration from them could be the key to taking stylish and high0impact pictures for your upcoming posts. From styling to posing, here’s how you can create K-pop inspired group shots to post on your Instagram account.

Commit to a Theme

Getting your friends or relatives to commit to a theme for your photo shoot is the first step to a successful K-pop inspired group shot. K-pop idols have stylists that create cohesive looks for their photoshoots, and these pictures are usually taken as part of promotions for their physical albums. The albums come with photobooks  which feature a photo collage following a certain theme. The theme can be soft, edgy, moody, sporty, or based on a single color, so pick one and coordinate outfits at least a week before your planned photo shoot.

One of the easiest concepts that you can emulate is BTS’ pajama theme, and it was featured in the photobook for their latest album, “Map of the Soul: Persona.” Simply have everyone wear their best pajamas, but follow a color motif to avoid clashing. Soft makeup works best for this theme, so the look you should aim for must include semi-matte skin, rosy lips and cheeks, and long lashes. For something a little edgier, recreate the looks from Blackpink’s “Kill This Love” video and wear lots of black, leather, winged eyeliner, and don’t forget to sport fierce facial expressions.

Styling And Posing Hacks For The Ultimate K-Pop Inspired Instagram Posts
photo: Allyson Weislogel

Strike a Pose

Posing for pictures can be awkward, especially if you’re taking photos as a group, so a bit of strategy should be employed for awesome K-Pop inspired group shots. One way to pull off a good posed picture is to have some people standing, while others are kneeling or sitting on the floor. Another popular K-Pop group pose  is The Hug, and to do this, everyone must angle their bodies slightly while hugging the person next them, and everyone should be facing the camera straight on.

You can also take pictures while lounging on a bed, sitting on the floor, or while smushed together on a couch. Take some smiling pics, some with serious or haughty expressions, or have everyone close their eyes and pretend to be sleeping on the floor in an adorable puppy pile. Just as everyone has made their best effort to look great for the pics, all participants should also commit to the concept of each shot for the best results.

Posting Your Photos

Once you’re done with the photo shoot, gather everyone around to select and approve the shots for posting on Instagram. Upload the shots, and apart from your unique hashtags, make sure to use top fashion hashtags such as #Fashionista, #OOTD, or #InstaFashion to reach more people and boost your account. Try these tips for your next photo session with your friends, and before you know it, your K-Pop inspired group shots could be an Insta-hit on social media.

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