Top 10 Photography Editing Services for Beginners

Are you going to outsource photography editing to third parties but can’t choose an appropriate service? Regardless of whether you have a favorite agency or are still struggling to find the right fit, browse through this article to discover what you can receive from top-tier photography post processing services.

Nowadays, beginning photographers have dozens of photography editing services to choose from as they represent one of the most efficient ways of evolving business. Picking a service that meets your photography style the best can take a lot of time and patience, but we’ve tried to simplify this process with this overview of 10 highly-reputable platforms.

We asked 10 popular photography post production services to make the following adjustments to our raw picture:

“Please do professional studio portrait editing. You need to enhance her face since it doesn’t look perfect and remove her stray hair. Also, please perform color correction so that the face and photo look brighter and fresher since the studio wasn’t well-lit enough.”

Based on the results we’ve received and after analyzing their websites and available services, we’ve put together this Top 10 Photographers Edit Services Review.



Website: The design is bright and catchy, with a lot of eye-pleasing images as samples. The platform is user-friendly, with a convenient intuitive interface. The studio mostly works with amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.

Price: Prices range from $3 per mini image up to $15 per maxi pics. You can get Wholesale and History discounts of 3% for 5-10 images and 2% for 21-40 images accordingly.

Ordering: Placing an order is a very quick process which can take up to 5 minutes. You can upload images of different formats.

Response / working time: The customer support is quite friendly and responsive. You can get an email within 15-30 minutes since you have placed an order. The turnaround time is up to 48 hours.

The quality of work at is impressive. The samples look very attractive.The pictures seem like all those represented in high-end magazines and advertising campaigns.

Experienced retouchers complete every task quickly and professionally, with a good deal of expertise and creativity. The improvements made for skin, teeth, make-up, hair, face complexion, colours and shapes make any image almost perfect. Every photo becomes a true masterpiece.

A lot of satisfied and pleased customers have placed their positive reviews on special independent customer review websites, and we can proudly join them after using this expert, well-qualified and well-performed service.

2. FixThePhoto

photography editing services for beginners

fixthephoto photography editing services

Website: Amazing before/after previews available in full-resolution and in-depth descriptions of all made adjustments. FixThePhoto is equally well-known for all kinds of image edit services.

Price: Portrait photography editing services are priced in the $5-$10 range per image, with the specific amount determined by the type of post production.

Ordering: Before you can make your order and start uploading photos (up to 50 MB), you first have to create an account and verify it via email.

Response/working time: They responded to our inquiry immediately and completed the order the day after.

FixThePhoto photography editing services deserves to be on top of this list for several reasons. The background looks professional and clean. The face enhancement was done perfectly and the skin color is amazing. They even added a bit of hair to the top.

Overall, navigating their website was fairly easy and intuitive. Regarding drawbacks, there’s only one that needs mentioning. The website offers too many levels of editing photography, which can confuse newbies. However, for experienced photographers that shouldn’t be an issue.

fixthephoto editing services

Our order was delivered after 40 hours and cost us $5.

The photo editing result is perfect. Retouchers made a professional skin correction, applied Liquify tool for the proportionality of her face and made a wonderful color correction.

3 Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path Offshore Clipping Path


Website: The website includes designated and elaborated service pages, gallery, pricing page, blog page, testimonials and FAQs. Example of a client-friendly and convincing website!

Price: The pricing varies depending on complexity in between $2.25 -$7.50. Our order cost $3.50.

Ordering: It has a free trial option through which anyone can have a direct experience of their expertise.

After sending images, you will receive a custom quote, then confirm your work order. Finally, you will get the processed version when the editing is done.

Response/working time: The company is very responsive, and its communication process is easy as well. It can submit your workload as fast as 12 hours!

OffshoreClippingPath photography post-production company, excels in top-notch photoshop service. It has a reputation for ‘perfectionist’ for its work on a national and international level.

Offshore Clipping Path


We took the liberty of checking out the website. There are various services, and every service is separately described. Their working process depends on simple, medium and complex.

We sent them the raw file and, within 16 hours, got our images delivered. Experienced professionals working for the company is ensured by the edited version we received.

The assigned professionals were attentive to the details. The face is brightened up, wrinkles and blemishes are gone, smooth skin, deletion of hair strands, white clothing and creases removal- all these were flawlessly done. Their quick response and professionalism deserve appreciation.


4  WeddingRetouching


wedding retouching

Website: Without a doubt, the best website that we covered in this review, particularly when it comes to the Pricelist section, which is detailed and neatly structured. This service mostly offers wedding photography editing services but accepts portrait orders as well.

Price: Pricing is very reasonable and our order cost $5.

Ordering: Create an account on their site or login via Facebook/Google before sending images.

Response/working time: They’ve sent us an e-mail after 2 minutes and informed that the order will be completed within 48 hours. We received the result within 24 hours.

Wedding-Retouching photography editing services deserve the positive reviews they receive from their clients. The website is easy to navigate and the preview images look very good.

However, they specialize in wedding and family photos and that isn’t what we were looking for. They have an interesting blog section that is mainly dedicated to wedding photography guides. The pricelist for photography post production services is clear and beginner-friendly, and they even have special wedding offers (to the delight of wedding photographers around the world).

wedding retouching service

The website has a huge number of examples that help you understand who you’re dealing with. Photographs edited both with cheaper and more expensive image editing techniques look equally impressive.

We asked for portrait editing and this is what we got. The retoucher also offered to send us 5 additional files with different color correction options free of charge. We should receive these photos soon.

Such an initiative definitely deserves some praise. The model’s skin tone looks both natural and attractive, and the retoucher did a great job getting rid of stray hairs. Professional work all-round.

5 HighEndBeautyRetouching

High End Beauty Retouching

High End Beauty Retouching

Website: This agency focuses on providing high-end professional photography editing services.

Price: Prices vary from $10 and up to $150 if you get the “Ultra Magazine” pack. We paid $20.

Ordering: Registration process is quick and you can upload images in any format.

Response/working time: They responded with an email half an hour after we’ve placed the order, and the results were sent in 48 hours.

Their website includes everything you need, has a convenient UI, and the offered image examples look good. Their magazine samples, in particular, are simply stunning. This type of picture editing costs $150 for each photo, but the quality of their work is so impressive that such a high price is warranted. You can easily feature such photographs in magazines and advertisements.

High End Beauty Retouching

Since the company only offers high-end retouching, their cheapest portrait editing service costs $10, but that didn’t stop us from sending them our photo and asking for a quote. Our order ended up costing $20.

They completed the task reasonably fast and we were pleased with the results. HighEndBeautyRetouching edited the image in their own style and they did a great job. The skin tone improvements, color correction, stray hair removal, face improvement, and small additional changes like adding hair volume – all served to turn this photo into a masterpiece.

6 Nude Retouching

High End Beauty Retouching

High End Beauty Retouching

Website: Eye-pleasing design with many image editing samples. This service mainly deals with nude and boudoir outsource photography editing.

Price: Prices range between $5 and $15. We paid $10 for our order.

Ordering: Before placing an order, you have to register and send the images either in RAW or your preferred format.

Response/working time: The manager contacted us after a couple of minutes, and the headshot was edited within 24 hours.

From all photography post processing services included in this review, this is certainly the most untraditional one as it focuses on nude and boudoir photo post-processing. Even though they usually don’t work with headshots, they still took in our order and completed it within a single day.

Their website’s UI features calm dark colors and looks very professional while offering lots of boudoir image samples that demonstrate high photo editing quality. The skin tones look especially fantastic. The retouchers managed to rid the skin of all flaws without damaging the texture, making it impossible to determine which parts were changed without seeing the “before” photo.

High End Beauty Retouching

The vast majority of the reviews we’ve seen online praise this service for their work. The overall consensus seems to be that Nude Retouching always strives to make a photo look as perfect as it possibly can, while never failing a deadline. However, all that praise did not affect our opinion.

We’ve received the photo within 24 hours after sending it, which is on par with other image editing services included in this review. As you can see from the result, the headshot was edited professionally and looks beautiful.

The only complaint we have was the lack of specific photo editing levels on the website’s pricelist. However, that’s to be expected since this company usually doesn’t accept portrait editing orders, meaning this small drawback didn’t influence our evaluation of this service.

7 Photographers Edit

Photographers Edit

Photographers Edit

Website: Their website provides a lot of examples of edited photos. Most of these are nude or boudoir photography genre.

Price: The prices range from $3 to $40 depending on your demands.

Ordering: You need to sign up and upload your photographs in any format, RAW included.

Response/working time: They will contact you pretty quickly and promise to deliver the finished image within 36 hours.

Their photography editing services are pretty new on the market. It seems like Photographers Edit work mainly with wedding photography. The list of services the website offers is more extended.

It includes photo culling, color correction, various image editing services. The styles and genres are not limited. The rates range from $0.14 to $5 but can be higher depending on complexity.

Photo culling is the main service offered here, however, you cannot order it separately from color correction. In general, the ordering of this service is a little complicated. You need to give them an estimate in the form of how many photos you want to get in percents and the same for the ones that need color correction.

Photographers Edit

The customer cannot order culling separately, only together with another professional photography editing services. Neither can you specify which photos you want to get in the end. The total price will depend on the number of images you get in the end.

When you submit a RAW file, the price of photography post processing services will be higher. Among some of the disadvantages is a limited service package for wedding photography without any discounts for the wedding season.

Unfortunately, you can’t get high-end picture edit. The result of editing is average. Photo looks better than before retouching, but color correction makes the image dull.

8 Tucia

tuscia photogrpahy editing

tuscia photogrpahy editing

Website: Simple design, before and after images are animated.

Price: One photo costs one credit, which is equivalent to $8.

Ordering: Simple register-and-upload procedure, they work with any format.

Response/working time: They responded quickly, image editing time may take any amount of time between one day to more than 3 days.

Photography editing services of this website are receiving mixed reviews from its customers. One of the negative aspects is the fact that their website is actually pretty simple in its design and structure, which makes it a bit inconvenient to navigate.

Basically, all you can see is the before and after images with the prices. Tucia’s clients cannot read about the type of picture enhancement that is offered. As for the prices, they have a rather complicated and somewhat strange pricing system of credits.

tuscia photogrpahy editingA credit is equivalent to $8. Some types of basic edits are a bit overpriced and can cost 3 credits, which is $24! Finally, some of the users have not been satisfied with the finished images and the time it took to wait for the order to be delivered.

This is not a professional level. Despite the fact that the skin is well-smoothed, the colors are inappropriate and the stray hairs are not removed.

9 Shoot Dot Edit

shoot dot edit

shoot dot edit photogrpahy editing services

Website: It is convenient and easy-to-use. There are a few examples, prices and photography post production services are easy to find. Additional information, which might be useful, is also provided.

Price: You can use this service only with a monthly subscription plan, no one-off edits. Standard photo editing plan is $119.

Ordering: You need to register, they work with images of all formats.

Response/working time: They will contact you via email soon after you place the order, and complete the work within 24 hours.

Even though the quality of Shoot dot edit work is generally regarded as rather high, the main concern some of the clients have is the pricing. This wedding photography editing service works with a yearly subscription plan (there are two options, rollover and unlimited).

shoot dot edit photography editing services

You don’t see any before and after images of what they do, just some examples on the blog. When you subscribe, you will be able to have a personal picture editor, and communicate with them about what kind of editing you want and which photos are your personal favorites.

If you are someone who needs to have their photos retouched once or twice a month, their rollover plan will be enough. However, most of the users would prefer to be able to pay per image rather than dish out $120 straight away.

The skin is too blurry. Color correction is awful. The result of the work looks non-professional.

10 The Image Salon

the image salon photogrpahy editing services

the image salon photogrpahy editing services

Website: Convenient site, easy to navigate, many examples. The prices can be found on the homepage. A blog with additional information.

Price: Lightroom toning ranges from $0.27 to $0.50. Photoshop service is offered at a $1-per-minute rate.

Ordering: Go through registration and upload the images.

Response/working time: They will contact you soon after you place your order, working time depends on the complexity and can take up to 10 business days.

The Image Salon promises to provide you with services specifically oriented at professional photographers who want to outsource photography editing to retouchers, preserving their style and vision. They specialize in wedding photography editing services, product and real estate image editing.

All the services are offered at three different levels of editing (Quick & Clean Edits, Basic/Basic+ Editing, Portrait & Custom Retouching). The most basic and quick service starts from $0.27 for a single image.

the image salon photogrpahy edting services

From the list of picture editing services they provide, you can ask to remove skin redness, smooth the skin, delete anything you don’t want to have in the photo, etc.

If, however, there’s something specific, which is not on the list, you can specify what exactly you want in a separate field. Mind that color adjustment and color correction can cost extra $0.5 for every image.

An attempt to make extra hair volume failed. Clothes and skin are blurry, and color grading looks old fashioned.

11 RetouchUp


retouchup photography editing services

Website: The design is clear, easy to navigate. You will have no issues with finding their services, prices and examples.

Price: Varies greatly, depends on the types of corrections you want.

Ordering: Registration is a bit long. You need to provide a lot of information, go through the e-mail confirmation process before you can actually order anything.

Response/working time: You can get your result emailed to you within 24 hours.

Most of the users find the website very convenient, all the information you need is easy to find, especially when it comes to prices. RetouchUp offers its photography editing services at very affordable prices – starting at $0.25 and all the way up to $35 (the highest prices are for restoring photos) for a single image.

There are 7 categories, which they call levels, on offer: Complete retouch, Complete plus retouch, Services retouch, Clipping path, Standard color correction, Photo restoration and Digital oil painting. Retouch Up are performing skin enhancement, eyes and teeth whitening, adding reflections to glass, eliminating stray hairs, extending and replacing backgrounds, editing the whole shot. The service also supports RAW files download, which is not standard for most of such services.

retouchup photogrpahy editing services

The main drawback is examples you see at the website. They are really small and don’t let you see the whole picture. Also, you will notice that the quality of their editing photography lacks professionalism. Some users were unhappy with the final result, commenting on poor skin retouch and unflattering color correction.

We are not happy with the end result either. The attempt to use Dodge&Burn for editing only worsened the result. Orange spots appeared on the model’s face. Poor facial correction is disaster.

12 WeEditPhotos


Website: This product, portrait, and wedding photography editing service provides the entire spectrum of services.

Price: Our order cost us $5.

Ordering: E-mail account registration and PayPal payment system.

Response/working time: We contacted us in a couple of minutes and the order was given a deadline of 36 hours. The edited photo was delivered in 24 hours.

This service managed to take second place on our list. Its biggest upside is that it offers all possible types of photo editing – from product to travel. Their website is clean, simple and looks very good.

We addressed WeEditPhotos photography editing services because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews on LinkedIn. Their site leaves a pleasant first impression, there’s plenty of useful info, and the articles about photography gear are well-written.

The before/after photo samples are presented professionally – you merely have to drag the slider to instantly see all the changes. Several images are paired with in-depth descriptions explaining all adjustments highlighted in the picture.

WeEditPhotos photogrpahy editing services

The company follows a “keep editing until the client is happy” approach, which is something we greatly admire. There are surely a lot of demanding photographers, who appreciate WeEditPhotos’ affordable services and work ethic.

This company impressed us with the quality of its wedding photography editing services. Here are some of their most notable characteristics: You can receive a discount if your order contains over 700 photographs as well as during busy wedding seasons.

Files can be efficiently sent and received via any online sharing service you like in all popular formats. The company’s photo editing quality is top-notch, the colors look natural, and retouchers always meet deadlines while offering results that match your regular picture correction style.

Color correction and image editing orders are done even faster. It’s possible to get up to $70 off on wedding packages.

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