How Much do Wedding Photographers Charge?

After the advent of smartphones with high-resolution cameras, you would think wedding photographers are a dying breed. You would be surprised to know that the demand is higher than ever.

Of course, it makes sense. No selfie can take the place of professional photos. A  Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer can capture precious moments that you wouldn’t have noticed during the event.

When budgeting for a wedding photographer, a reasonable estimate would be 10-15% of the total cost of your wedding. It might sound a lot, but this is your wedding we are talking about.

How Much Do You Expect to Spend on Wedding Photography?

According to SnapKnot, the average cost of a wedding photographer in the United States is $2,814.

If you live in bigger cities like New York, Houston, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, you can expect the cost to rack up to $4,000. Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Portland have the lowest charges for wedding photography.

The most prominent wedding photographers, meanwhile, can charge an average of $25,000 to $30,000 for the event.

In Miami, in general, you can expect to pay around $1,500 to the wedding photographer for a two-hour session. This will increase to approximately $2,500 for a four-hour session. This is not surprising considering the cost of wedding photography in Miami is 20% higher than the average in the US.

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Choose Your Moments

A typical wedding will run for 6-8 hours. An eight-hour job will cost you about $5,000.

You can hire a photographer during the duration of the wedding or on some select occasions to save money. For instance, the ceremony is the quintessential part of your wedding so you would want somebody to document every moment.

You also need to capture when the bride, groom, and the entourage get ready.

A Catholic wedding will take an hour at most, including the mass. Then you move to the reception area. You would want the best Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer to capture the moment where you cut the cake and the moment when you dance with your spouse for the first time.

Factors that Will Affect Cost

Several factors will affect the final bill of the wedding photographer. Among these include:

  1. The reputation of the photographer
  2. The number of assistants they will bring
  3. The number of photos you want to be retouched
  4. The hours they spend on your wedding day
  5. The location of your wedding
  6. The season and the day of the week

A named photographer is going to be in high demand so book them early and put in the deposit, especially if you are having your wedding during the peak season. However, don’t go for a photographer on their reputation alone.

The best way is to check their portfolio to determine their style. Hiring a photographer is very subjective. If their style resonates with you, then it doesn’t matter if they are starting in the industry. Besides, it gives the added advantage of saving money as they are likely to provide you with you a good price for their services.

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