4 Tips for Making Your Wedding Photography Stand Out

When it comes to weddings, we all expect perfection. After all, they don’t happen every day. From the speeches to the dresses and decorations, there are countless factors to consider in a wedding, but there’s one we do tend to overlook.

Wedding photography can be as demanding as any other pre-nuptial preparation, and all too often it is something we leave to the photographer alone. So today we want to discuss 4 key tips we believe will help make your wedding photos perfect. These are short considerations that won’t take much of your time but will ensure your pictures are timeless.

Tips for Making Your Wedding Photography Stand Out

1 Find the Right Wedding Photographer

To get started, you should hire a professional wedding photographer. Photography has a lot of unwritten rules and at the end of the day, experience can’t be cheated. A skilled photographer makes the difference between regular photos and art, and pros know how to make any moment timeless with their camera. Before you make your decision, you should explore their portfolio. A good example can be seen through the wedding photography service Fame Park Studios. From the scenic background of the Sydney Oprah House to stunning beaches, you can see exactly what stunning images can be curated across a range of locations.

You’ve gone this far for a perfect wedding, so don’t skip on the one area that will endure forever. If you want timeless photos, invest in a good photographer.

 2 The Lighting

This is a tip that applies to any photo and not just wedding photography, but the basics are always vital. We all know we need good lighting for a perfect shot, but what exactly is good lighting for a camera? If you are taking a shot of a couple, then you want the light source to be anywhere except behind them. If you are in front of a spotlight or anything too bright, the photo will be overexposed and will have unnatural blurs and shines.

It might be hard to believe but a darker photo can be easier to save than an overexposed one. So when you are planning the decoration, keep the lights at the ceiling or coming from the sides. You don’t want a light source shining directly behind you.

3 Choose Your Shots

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any shots, then the best idea is to make a list that covers all the shots you want. It’s not unlike making a food or gift list, and it provides the photographer with a clear reference of what shots are important and which ones can be skipped. It makes photographer understand whether they want to bring additional things like reflectors or Smoke Bomb.

Think about your plans for the wedding for a second and find the key moments in your head. If there’s something you are making an effort to plan then a shot of it would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? You’ll soon have a list of what moments will define your wedding and sharing that with the photographer will let them know what to focus on.

Tips for Making Your Wedding Photography Stand Out

4 The Location

At the end of the day, the location of your wedding is more than just a location. Think about it, every single photo of your wedding will have that location as the background; doesn’t it sound much more important now?

When choosing a location for your wedding try to think of photography opportunities. Do you want to go abroad? Should it be a beach wedding? By considering your different options, you’ll be able to see how it looks on camera, and if it meets your standards.

If you are still looking for an engagement photographer, feel free to explore some maine engagement photos.  A regular background will just get lost in the pictures, but a good background will make any photo much more impactful.

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