Need More Fun? Entertaining Axe Throwing Will Definitely Help You

If you believe that felling trees and chopping wood is the only use of an axe, then you need to think again. In today’s day and age of monotony and mechanical work, people are looking to break out of the routine of their daily lives and they are increasingly seeking out adventure sports to add an element of thrill in their lives. One such lesser known thrilling activity involves throwing axe, which is gradually becoming a popular sport for those looking to explore fun, new activities in their life.

Entertaining Axe Throwing Will Definitely Help You

Throwing axe as a recreational or competitive sport was invented by the ancient Celts in Europe, and it has been largely popular in Nordic countries. Gradually it became popular in countries such as USA and Canada, and today the sport has spread to different parts of the world. Throwing axe involves setting up a target made of wood. Most axe throwing in the outdoors is done on actual tree trunks, but target boards can be made for indoor axe throwing exercises as well.


The rules of the game are quite similar to dart board, one needs to get as close to the bullseye as they can, if not hit the bullseye itself. The scoring standard in axe throwing is pretty much universal. The player is awarded 6 points for hitting the bullseye. 4 points if their axe hits the second ring, 3 points for third ring, 2 points for fourth ring and 1 point for the fifth ring. As you move away from the bullseye, your points start reducing.


Safety is one of the biggest considerations with a sport of this nature. One needs to ensure that they are properly trained in throwing axe if they wish to play the game. If undertaking indoor axe throwing, it is extremely important to have a trainer or safety expert who ensures that the act of throwing axe does not jeopardize the safety of anyone who is participating in it.


Entertaining Axe Throwing Will Definitely Help You

The act of throwing axe is one that looks deceptively simple, but requires some degree of effort and skill. To begin with, the blade of the axe needs to point at the target, and the grip on the handle has to be strong to enable a strong throw. The player needs to be at a certain distance from the target, and get in the right stance before launching the axe. If one’s throw is good, then they shall be able to hit the target with some practices. People use different types of axes such as splitting axe, tomahawks, hatchbacks etc.

Currently. the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) and the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF), boasts international membership and a big network of people all across the world, who are interested in the sport. These two leagues have tried to standardize rules and promote safety via their campaigns. The next time you are looking for some fun, consider undertaking axe throwing as a recreational activity.

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