Choosing Holiday Outfits For Dogs

The holiday is around the corner, and everyone is excited, including your beautiful pup. The whole family can’t wait to experience another fun-filled and adventurous moment outside the corners of the home. From packing your best outfit to preparing your home, there’s so much to do before leaving. Holidays don’t just help us see the world from another angle; they bring family and friends closer than ever and help us manage stress levels.

holiday outfits for dogs

While you’re in the middle of all the preparations, it’s normal to ponder over how best to make your dog fit into the family picture. All the more so because a holiday outfit for dogs wouldn’t only make it look more attractive, it can serve as extra protection in case of a harsh weather condition. Strangers and passersby are likely to wink at your furry friend when they’re adorably dressed or even come closer to say hi.

Choosing the right holiday outfit for your pup may sound like a cinch. However, due to the endless list of options available in the store, the task can quickly become daunting. If you’re wondering what you should consider to ensure that you’ve made the perfect choice of clothing for your little friend, here’s our suggestion

1 Keep the occasion in mind

Are you gearing up for a new year’s holiday or you just want to spend a few days with a family member?  Knowing what holiday you’re preparing for can greatly help to keep things in view. You don’t want to dress your puppy in Christmas attire when it’s an independence day holiday and vice versa.

If you have a very tight schedule, spending hours browsing the perfect clothes for your pooch might seem like a tough nut to crack. Luckily, you can save a huge chunk of time by browsing only clothes designed for specific occasions. So, if it’s New Year, you should head to the section containing New Year cloth designs for dogs and overlook other sections.

2 Consider the type of outfit

Generally, there are three types of dog clothes that you’d find in pet essentials stores. These are:

    • dog sweaters
    • dog jackets and dog suit
    • and dog hoodie

Dog sweaters are typically products of knitted fabric.  And you may find them in stores with turtlenecks. Dog sweaters can greatly minimize sun exposure while keeping your dog warm. Although they don’t effectively protect against moisture and strong winds, they can lower the risk of skin cancer in your furry friend, especially if she’s short-haired and light-skinned.

Dog jackets and dog suits are often made from fleece. Jersey and sweat fabrics are two other materials they are also made from. The jackets and suits usually come in multiple layers and provide warmth and water resistance for your dog. Also, you may find them having a hood, which tends to be more visual than practical. If cold and wind are a thing of concern during the holiday, dog jackets will be the perfect option. They are the warmest dog clothes and can help your dog stay active all year round.

Dog hoodie comes from cotton knitted fabric. They are very similar to sweaters with certain differences that are worth considering. Firstly, dog hoodies provide relatively greater freedom of movement than sweaters. This helps your dog to feel more comfortable and enjoy playing even better. Secondly, hoodies do not stick very close to your dog’s body as sweaters or jackets do. Thus, they do not provide as much warmth as the rest.

Thirdly, hoodies will usually not cover the entire back of your dog. They end just behind the kidneys, making them look adorable on pups. If you’re all about fashion and style, consider buying a hoodie for your dog. These clothes come in various creative designs containing accessories like writings, patches, or embroidery. Hoodies are especially beautiful if you have small toy dogs such as Chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds, and Pugs.

3 Are they easy-to-wear clothes?

When it comes to pup clothes, there are many lots of designs out there. These clothes will often come with different fastening systems to help perfect their look and fitness on your dog. You could find them having snap buttons, Velcro straps, and even zippers.

Just as we choose our own clothes based on several factors, including the type of fastening system, it’s a great idea to keep this in mind when shopping for our dog’s outfit too. With the right product and fastening system, dressing your dog can be almost effortless. On the other hand, choosing the wrong product can make dressing your dog

4 Keep location-based weather conditions in mind

If you’d be traveling with your pup to a far distance for a holiday, you may need to consider the possible weather conditions of your destination. Doing this will help you rethink your choice of outfit for your dog and prioritize functionality over aesthetics. For instance, if you are heading to a very cold and windy area for a holiday, choosing an outfit that isn’t very effective for keeping your puppy warm wouldn’t make sense. Your dog will most likely catch the cold and shiver (especially if your breed has super short hair), making her feel uncomfortable throughout the holiday.

A more efficient outfit for tackling harsh weather conditions will be dog sweaters and jackets. You don’t have to wait till your dog freezes or shivers before dressing them. Once you notice a fall in temperature, then it’s time to suit up.

5 Choose the right size

You don’t want your dog running around in what looks like a baggy or oversized cloth that causes her to trip over every now and again. Getting a perfectly fitting cloth will make your dog look smarter and feel more comfortable. You should consider all the important dimensions before purchasing any cloth for your dog. If you’re able to go to the store with your pooch, that’s a better option. Alternatively, you could take the necessary measurements and buy what conforms to them in the store.

You’d need to measure the following

    • back length— refers to the area between the base of your dog’s neck and the beginning of its tail
    • chest girth — this is the widest point of the rib cage or the widest part of the chest just before the front legs
    • neck girth — measured at the base of the neck (the area where the collar sits)


With these factors in view, you can be certain that your preferred dog cloth will be a perfect fit. Apart from that, it would provide the right amount of warmth and protection that your pup needs.

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