5 Tips for Traveling by Plane With Your Pet

Traveling is a real pleasure. New countries and continents open up truly endless possibilities. Tourists often think they need their pets. But how appropriate is it to transport a dog, cat, or other animals across oceans and continents? This is a rhetorical question. There is one main nuance that can spoil the impression of a vacation even before it starts.

This is your animal’s mood. But you don’t need to despair. Here are five tips for traveling by plane with your pet. Follow at least some recommendations, and you will be able to travel more comfortably by plane.

your pet on plane

Visit the Vet – But Not too Early

Most airlines and hotels require your pet to have a veterinarian checkup before flying. As a rule, pets are tested for rabies and other diseases. You need to get therapy if your pet is not feeling well. Perhaps top rated dog foods would be appropriate as a supportive therapy.

You will also need a veterinary passport with up-to-date health stamps for your animal and timely vaccinations. But do not go to the vet earlier than 10 days before the flight. This term is the maximum for the relevance of your pet’s test results.

Consider a Tranquilizer

Most animals feel anxious during air travel. This is why you should consider using tranquilizers. The fact is that even a small pet can be strong enough to break or open a cage. Diazepam and any other sedative can help your dog or cat rest. You need to choose the right dosage and delicious food.

This is why you should read the best kitten food reviews to find the most suitable treatment. Then your pet will have a delicious meal before the flight and will feel more comfortable. It is best if you discuss the use of tranquilizers with your veterinarian. Then you will be able to avoid trouble with your pet’s body.

Make Sure Your Destination is Pet-Friendly

Not all hotels and inns will welcome your pet. Many countries even have quarantine regulations for up to 120 days. You should find pet-friendly airlines in advance and make a list of hotels where you can stay. This would be wise even if your trip is only for a few days in another country. Also, one of the important factors is the availability of vaccines.



The fact is that you do not know about outbreaks of epidemics in many countries and continents. It is best if your pet is prepared for a future trip. It is best to read the full list of hotels, inns, and airlines well before purchasing your tickets. This simple step eliminates most of the pre-flight problems.

Let the Airline Know Your Animal’s Coming Along for the Ride

Now you know that not only hotels but also airlines have their own traveling rules. The fact is that you should check in advance if there is a compartment for flying with animals. This is especially important if your pet is overweight or makes too much noise. But even if you are traveling with a Chihuahua, you will have to purchase a special case or plastic cage for transportation. Even a calm animal will sense the altitude and can panic.

Nobody wants to be bitten by your dog or cat. Besides, the airline may have a taboo on the transport of spiders, reptiles, or other types of exotic animals. You should also understand that most airlines charge from $150 one way if you want to travel with your pet. It is quite expensive, but airlines for which even $250 is not the final price for transporting your animal. Think about whether you are ready to spend that kind of money to walk with the animal in another country.

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Feed and Water Your Pet Before Departure

There are many requirements for transporting animals by air. Many airlines require pet owners to feed and water them before flying. This is reasonable as the flight can take from 2 to 14 hours, depending on the destination. But veterinarians do not recommend overfeeding cats and dogs. Excessive amounts of water will also negatively affect your pet’s well-being. The problem is, you can’t open the cage and let your dog walk.

Overeating before the flight can lead to vomiting, nausea, and poor mood in your pet. Make sure your pet drinks some water before flying. You’ll also be asked to sign a waiver that confirms that your pet has received enough food and water to carry the flight comfortably. It is very important. Without such a waiver, you won’t even be able to board the flight.


These five tips will make your air travel with your pet much easier. All you need is to pre-plan your trip and provide for several key aspects. Then your flight will be comfortable and completely legal. Remember tips about vaccinations and feeding your animal. This is important for your pet’s well-being and for obtaining a flight and hotel permit.

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