5 Things to Be Aware of as Your Dog Get Older

Just like us, as dogs grow older, they find it harder to do even the simplest of things that they would have had no problem with when they were younger. Therefore, it is important as a dog owner that you take this into consideration to help the growing old process be as comfortable as possible for your canine companion.

While we all become used to our dogs bouncing around by our feet, and jumping at the chance of going for a long walk, you should take the side effects of aging seriously and factor them into the day to day life of your pooch. So, here are 5 things you should be aware of as your dog gets older.

5 Things to Be Aware of as Your Dog Get Older

Weight Problems

As they get older, many dog breeds find that they struggle to maintain a healthy weight, and the extra pounds creep on as they start to become more inactive than they previously have been. However, as an older dog’s joints are already under considerable pressure, gaining too much weight can be damaging for your dog.  Therefore, it is crucial that you keep your dog’s weight as healthy and stable as possible. Remember that every dog breed’s normal weight is different, so be sure to do your research.

Restricted Movement

One of the main reasons why so many older dogs struggle with their weight is because they suffer from restricted movement as a consequence of getting older. Just like us humans, our joints start to tire and deteriorate as we age, which means that your dog is not able to take long walks at as quick a pace as they once did.

However, it is important that once you notice your aging dog starting to suffer from restricted movement, you are not tempted to stop any forms of exercise they have. Physical activity is crucial for dogs of all ages, so you should just be aware that they might get tired sooner and will not be able to walk for as long as normal.

There are also additional options available for your dog as it gets older, including joint care for dogs, such as the supplements provided by YuMove. They have a variety of products available for a range of different ailments that your older dog could benefit from. It is important that you are aware of the joint care for dogs products available at sites like YuMove, as well as the other educational resources they offer, as they may be able to help. Remember, it is common for restricted movement as a consequence of damaged joints to cause further mental and physical issues for your pooch.



Poor Hearing

Even though many of us acknowledge that as we get older our hearing can deteriorate, we forget that this is also the case for our dogs. Poor hearing can become a serious issue for you and your dog as it is one of the main ways that you both communicate with each other. Therefore, we recommend that you make the transition into poor hearing as smooth for your dog as possible by using hand signals from a young age. By ensuring that you train your dog in hand signals are soon as possible, they will not notice their hearing deteriorate as much when they get older.

Also, remember that your dog will be able to detect vibrations, so even if they are struggling to hear you when you call them, by clapping your hands or knocking on the table, you will be able to get their attention and communicate efficiently.

Gum Disease

It is also important that you keep on top of your dog’s dental hygiene throughout their life as it can cause them endless pain and discomfort. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is even more important as they get older as tooth decay can lead to extractions and can make it harder for your dog to chew and eat their food.

Older dogs are more susceptible to tartar build up, which can lead to gingivitis and cause bacteria to get into your dog’s bloodstream and even cause organ damage. To stay on top of your dog’s dental hygiene, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily and take regular trips to the vet.

5 Things to Be Aware of as Your Dog Get Older

Skin Problems

As a further consequence of reduced mobility and tiring joints, your dog will find it more difficult to thoroughly wash themselves, which can cause skin problems. Similarly, you may start to notice that your dog is getting a bit smelly. Therefore, we recommend that you give your dog some extra help and ensure that you are washing them regularly, especially after long muddy walks. Remember to have dog shampoo on hand as human shampoo can cause skin irritation for your pooch.

By being prepared for what is it come, you can ensure that your dog grows old gracefully and comfortably with you on hand to help them in any way they need.

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