Most Common Types of Frames for Prescription Glasses

Don’t miss the sign which show’s that you need prescription glasses. Nowadays, everyone is prolonged to TV, computers, smartphones. So you may face some symptoms like you may have trouble with blurry vision, or you might meet the double vision. Some of the objects appear fuzzy, or you have difficulty reading clearly defined lines. Buying prescription glasses. online is a fast and affordable way to purchase designer prescription glasses. Prescription glasses are a cost-effective approach to raise your glasses game for healthier eyes.

Type of Prescription Glasses Lenses 

No matter your age or visual needs, everyone’s eyes are different, so the lenses should be tailored as per the individuals’ needs. So, let’s talk about the types of prescription glasses.

Fabulous Frames For Prescription Glasses

Single Vision Lenses

It is the one which is set for viewing distance only, maybe it is near, intermediate or distance.

Professional Lenses

This is the best you can enjoy and can view all distances in one lens. So, it is best in comfort.



Active Lenses

These are the lenses that are thinner and lighter and have 10 times more impact resistance.

Standard Lenses

It will seem out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is best suitable for children.

Plastic Lenses

The anti-reflective coating to screen filter out the sun’s harmful rays.

Fabulous Frames For Prescription Glasses

Types of Frames for Prescription Glasses You Can Check

Choosing your perfect pair of glass for prescription should be fun. So here is the list of frames for prescription glasses you shop for-

Full-Rimmed Frames

If you’re looking for a bold style, nothing is a better option than these full-rimmed frames. These are the frames that fully enclose and offer a sturdy-yet stylish pair of frames for prescription glasses. Full-rimmed glasses frames come in all varieties of styles, colors, and sizes. It is for those who want to look to make a statement.

Rimless Frames

These are the ones for those who need lightweight and modern. They also include various metals, including titanium. It will provide you with the perfect look for the office with minimal look and feel.

Semi-Rimless Frames

These are the one which are more lightweight than full-rimmed styles. But bolder than rimless glasses.

Low Bridge Frames

These frames are best for people with low nose bridges and are at the top of fashion and function.



Frames According to Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect prescription glasses fit for your face shape is especially significant. First, you start by measuring your face shape. As a rule, frames opposite your face shape lead to highlight your features best. Just choose the frames for prescription glasses that complement the shape of your face.

• If you have soft, round faces, so you go with a square or rectangular frames. It will add angles and help shape your face.

• If you have square and rectangular faces, you should try round or oval frames. It will soften your angles.

• If you have triangular faces, you should go for half-rimmed or cat-eye glasses.

• If you have oblong faces, you should try a round or curved prescription glasses frames.

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