Mom’s Guide to Preparing for a Business Trip

In today’s society, women especially working moms have stressful lives. It is essential for women to work outside for acquiring financial stability and fulfilling the requirements of the house. However, being a mother and a working professional at the same time is a bit of challenging for all women. Job outside the home make a busy life with kids even busier. And if your job requires you to travel, the challenges are even greater. That’s why working moms face unique challenges. Balancing business travel with family life is too demanding. So, if you’re a working mom who travels frequently for business, you must take some points into consideration! With a few helpful strategies and careful planning, you can reduce your stress.

Business Trip while being a baby

Hiring Nanny

When you travel, taking care of the kids is not only challenging, but it is demanding also. If you are a regular business traveler, leaving your child with a family member is not always possible. Hiring nanny is the most helpful thing for almost all working mothers especially those who travel regularly. The presence of nanny in the house gives a sense of relief to mothers and minimizes work burden from their minds.

 Business Trip hiring a nanny

Creating a Schedule

If your child has a specific routine or habit, create a schedule that whoever is looking after your child can easily follow. Include play dates, nap times and any other events that are important. You can create a shareable Google Calendar that can be accessed by everyone.


Whether your job requires frequent business travel or just overnight business trip, packing for a business trip is always different from prepping for a fun vacation. Business trip packing list will likely include items like a laptop, chargers, and external battery packs. For this, it is highly recommended to have a good quality durable piece of luggage and laptop backpack. Having a light-weight backpack that is more comfortable on your back is a must. Also having a durable piece of luggage that won’t get damaged easily is essential.

For example, double-wheeled soft luggage can be ideal for such a trip, as not only is it convenient to pack, but it also helps to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Plus, the double-wheeled design makes it easy to maneuver through airport terminals. And if you’re worried about your belongings staying safe, most double-wheeled soft luggage comes with a lockable zipper.

Staying in Touch with Your Family

Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp are easy ways to stay in constant touch with your family and nanny when you’re away on a business trip. When you can’t be together physically, these useful resources that many of us have come to take for granted, can really bridge the distance.

Business Trip and young mother

Bringing Your Own Snacks

They’re healthier and cheaper than anything you’ll get at the airport. Choosing a healthy diet can be the best choice to energize you throughout your journey. Bananas are one of the fruits that fit very comfortably in your travel bag and do not need a refrigerator to break down. Oranges, apples and grapes are fruits that fit easily into a small plastic container and do not rot quickly. These fruits are rich in calories, protein and fat that can give you a feeling of vitality and energy.

Focus on eating healthy to keep your body’s vitamin and fiber levels high. Don’t let your body get too hungry at all. Also, bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up anywhere.

Travel Emergency Accessories

Don’t forget the bandage. If part of your body can be damaged or bleeding, bandage the blood. Bandage helps blood to clot and doesn’t stick to the wound. Antibacterial gel is another necessity item. In business travel, you meet people and you’ll shake hands with new people. Since you are a mom and children will get infected soon, it is strongly recommended to be healthy.

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