Mobile Slots to Play Now

Back in the late 1800s when slot machines were just beginning to be an actual gambling option there wasn’t much choice but to go to a shady saloon or bar to play on them. This was the only place slot machines existed, and due to the fact that they were also technically illegal they weren’t particularly easy to find. How life has changed for budding slot gamblers now though, eh? Because these days you can gamble on a slot machine from pretty much anywhere thanks to the crazy world of online slots – deposit and play.

Mobile Slots to Play Now

But there’s more in the modern world too these days, because slot gambling isn’t just constrained to online slots, with mobile slots becoming massively popular over the last few years too. In fact, there are now more slot gamblers spinning the reels on mobile slots then there are on normal desktop online slots, which says a lot considering mobile slots have only really been around for the last decade at most. Want to know what the best mobile slots to play now are? Keep reading to find out!

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

Barcrest are still one of the most famous slot developers in the world, even though they don’t even have that much of an impressive online slot back-catalogue in comparison to some other high profile developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming. Want to know the reason why? It’s the Rainbow Riches slot series of course, a series of slots that has been around for the last several decades, and has pretty much singlehandedly popularised the “luck of the Irish” theme at the same time.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is the newest iteration of the Rainbow Riches series, and is perfectly optimised for mobile gambling as a result too. We really could not recommend playing Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix enough, mainly because of its RTP of almost 99% if you choose the right bonus features.


Sometimes you just cannot go wrong with the classic slot games, and Starburst by NetEnt is one of the best. This was the first online slot to feature true 3D graphics on its release, and this fact combined with the scintillatingly clear HD graphics made it an instant hit amongst the slot gambling community.

Pretty much any online slot from NetEnt is bound to be good, however Starbust is a cut above of the rest, especially when it was released. It was also one of the first online slot games to be fully optimised for the mobile platform, and to include a lucrative cluster pay mechanic too.

The Codfather

It’s not all fun and games with the online slots world, however sometimes it does just have to be that. If you are after a humorous reel spinning experience on your mobile device we couldn’t recommend The Codfather enough, a slot game with a truly remarkable theme.

Oh yes, the Codfather is an aquatic mobster, and if you can help him find some new henchman he will reward you very handsomely indeed.

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