Low Testosterone? How to Boost Your Emotional Health

Testosterone is a hormone produced by both males and females. It is also known as androgen. It falls under the category of male hormones. Men produce this hormone at a high concentration than women, hence the name male hormone.

It contributes to sperm production, body fat distribution, sex drive, and muscle strength and bone density. It also has a role in cognitive health; it controls how your brain works. It is paramount to maintain healthy testosterone levels because low levels have a link with symptoms like depression, mood swings, and increased stress.

Low Testosterone How to Boost Your Emotional Health

Causes of Low Testosterone

The other name for low testosterone is hypogonadism. There are two types of hypogonadism, primary and secondary. Primary hypogonadism mostly affects men when testicles get injuries. Injuries may be as a result of cancer treatment, high iron levels in the blood, and mumps.

Secondary hypogonadism occurs after pituitary glands fail to receive a signal to produce more testosterone. Signal failure may be due to factors like obesity, tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, opioid medications, and normal aging. It affects both men and women.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Research shows that low T levels bring changes in both emotional and physical life. Men with low T levels may experience low sex drive, difficulty in erections and infertility. Women can also experience low T levels during the pre and postmenopausal phase.

Testosterone is essential in muscle and bones strength.

A decline in T levels may lead to weight gain and loss of muscle and bone mass. The affected people may also experience sleep problems, trouble concentrating, sadness, anxiety, memory problems, and irritability. These mental issues can fade easily after buying top-quality CBD from trusted sources like online dispensary canada.

Low Testosterone How to Boost Your Emotional Health

Connection Between Low Testosterone and Mental health

You may wonder how testosterone has such a strong influence over mental faculties. Recent studies reveal that there is a connection between low testosterone and depression, stress, and mood swings.

For instance, low T may lead to a decline in cognitive health. Symptoms associated with low testosterone might be emotionally distressing, which makes you feel down, leading to depression.

Low T levels in men can affect sexual life, leading to low self-esteem and mental disturbance. Excessive weight gain may also make you lose self-esteem, especially when other people make negative comments.

How to Boost Mood

When you identify the cause of mood swing and emotional issues, it is easier to address it depending on the root cause. Fortunately, you can correct emotional distress due to low testosterone by combining lifestyle changes and medication. Below are some of the tips for lifting the mood.

Manage Stress

High testosterone can lead to low testosterone levels. If you have stress, your body can focus more on handling the cause of stress and fail on essential issues like sex drive. Managing the cause of stress will make your body to function normally and produce enough hormones. Consuming CBD can help you feel relaxed and fresh. There are many varieties of weed, and the sativa strain can boost your mood and bring down the stress level, you also try adding the marijuana edibles in your diet.

Low Testosterone How to Boost Your Emotional Health

Communicate With Your Spouse

Discuss the matter with your partner if you have issues that might be contributing to your suffering from depression, stress, or low T levels. Find innovative and new ways to connect and find physical pleasure. If you have a low sex drive, go for counseling and sex therapy with your partner. Solving issues with your partner may create a room for honest and open discussion, thus creating a healing environment.

Examine Your Health Habits

Inactive and obese people have high chances of suffering hypogonadism. If you have excessive weight gain, you should consider exercising to burn fats and extra calories. Losing weight will help you regain your esteem, thus resolving any emotional issue related to weight gain.

According to a study, exercising will also make you cheer up, thus maintaining a bright mood. Living a healthy life will keep your body physically and emotionally stable.

How to Boost Your Emotional Health

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone levels is treatable medically through a process known as testosterone replacement therapy. You should do this therapy after a thorough medical consultation when the other methods of boosting testosterone levels fail.

There are different forms of synthetic testosterone. The most common choices are topical gel, patches, and injections.


Low testosterone can affect both genders equally. It may affect physical wellbeing and self-confidence. It usually manifests in the form of trouble in concentrating, memory loss and insomnia. Once you know the cause of testosterone level in your body, the emotional problem may be solved faster, and physiological symptoms disappear completely.

Both men and women produce testosterone naturally, but males release it at a higher concentration than females. Everyone can suffer low level of this harmone, but it usually affects postmenopausal women and older men. Boosting testosterone in your body will boost your emotional health.

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