Worried About Sugar Intake? Enjoy Sweetness While Leading a Healthy Life

Holidays are fun because they entail exciting things from surprising gifts to finger-licking sweets. When we think about holidays it reminds us of mouth-watering sweets like gumdrops, jelly tots and figgy pudding. But after you have finished extra sweet candy canes and toffee matzo, a thought starts bothering you and it is about the consequences of the holiday sugar intake.

Folks insist on skipping the sweets, but that is not fair during holidays. After all, what’s a festival without sweets? But, the repercussions of the high sugar intake make it a difficult decision for you. So here are a few tips that might help you limit the sugar intake, while still adding sweetness to your holidays.

Worried About Sugar Intake

Balance The Levels

It is important to control it and knowing how is A1c calculated, but what’s more important is to balance sugar levels in your body. There are a plethora of ways of doing it like adding green veggies like broccoli and okra to your plate. Other than veggies there is a long list of foods that lower blood sugar levels such as sauerkraut, chia seeds, avocados, etc.

Staying hydrated is also one of the most common and effective ways of balancing sugar levels. Experts recommend drinking water to reduce the risk.

Look For Healthy Substitutes

There are always alternate options that might help you to reduce your daily sugar intake without upsetting the sweet tooth.

You may consider Herbal sweeteners a good substitute for sweetening caramels, brownies, and cakes. However, know that these aren’t completely safe because they boost triglycerides in the body. Honey, Splenda and stevia sweeteners are always at the top of the list of natural sweeteners for diabetics, but there are contradictions about whether they are completely safe or not. Therefore, it’s better to stick to natural alternatives such as carob powder.

Therefore, it is wise to look for some other options. Consider preparing food using zero calorie sweetener as it helps you enjoy sweetness without worrying about your body’s glucose levels.

Reduce the Carbs Intake

Carbs are the major source of energy, but choosing them wisely is very important as they relate to glucose levels.

Putting it simply, bad carbohydrates will lead to more glucose, so to prevent such issues, try to replace bad carb sources with good ones. Choose the ones that have a low glycemic index.

Change the Eating Habits

Your eating habits impact your blood sugar levels in a significant way. Good eating habits can help you balance the levels while bad ones show adverse effects on your health. Therefore, it is important to take care of your eating habits for balancing sugar levels in your body. Some of these are:

    • Say No to Overeating

Overeating is bad irrespective of whether there’s sugar in your food or not. For a healthy lifestyle, you need to stop overeating and the same rule applies to sweets.

    • Make A Plan

Making a plan for your sweets is helpful as it will allow you to monitor your daily sugar intake and control it. Develop a habit to consume sweets only once a day as it satisfies your cravings while balancing the sugar intake in the body.

    • Snack Before Sweets

When going to a party, make sure to never start with the sweets. Also, never reserve extra space in your tummy just for desserts.

The better way is to snack on some healthy foods in the main course itself, so that you’re too full for desserts.


There are many ways to balance the sugar levels and still satisfy your sweet tooth. Sweeteners with zero calories, natural substitutes, and some good eating habits (eating a balanced diet, avoiding overeating) can be helpful for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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