Kitchen Trick: Making Milkshake without a Blender

On several occasions, such as camping, a site visit, or hiking, access to milkshake recipes can be an excellent way to quench your thirst. However, sometimes you can face a barrier such as a blackout or no kitchen appliances at your disposal. In most cases, you might give up on the idea of making a milkshake because all the odds seem to be against you.

There’s a way out if you’re willing to go through the hassle. With the right ingredients and just the right amount of ice cream, you can always come up with a fantastic milkshake. The idea of a milkshake without a blender can seem unrealistic, but that thought might be out of your mind the moment you are done with this article.

So are you looking for ways to make a milkshake without a blender? Read on to find out.

Oreo Milkshake

Description: It’s satisfying to enjoy a cold drink in the summer season. However, without accessibility to kitchen appliances, how can you make a milkshake without a blender?


There are several necessities needed for the job. These ingredients are vital for the process because you’re already missing a blender, so it is essential to make up for that with the right ingredients. Some of the primary elements that you might require include;

    1. a) Milk – This is quite obvious because that’s where the drink gets its name. The basis of a milkshake is to come up with a drink that changes the typical taste, texture, and temperature of the milk.
    2. b) Ice cream – Ice cream provides texture to your milkshake. A milkshake ought to be cold, and that’s something else that ice cream contributes to. It is essential to consider the flavor of your ice cream because it might be the stand-out flavor, and you won’t need anymore to make the milkshake outstanding.
    3. c) Flavoring – Flavors get to make your milkshake more colorful and full of taste. You can make a strawberry milkshake without a blender or a chocolate milkshake without a blender, depending on what you prefer. Some flavoring agents include syrup, mint, vanilla extract, crushed biscuits or crisps, Oreo, sprinkles, peanut butter, caramel, cracker crumbs, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide on Making Milkshake without a Blender


There are several Home Maker ways to make a milkshake without a blender. All you have to do is gather up your ingredients and equipment, and you’ll be good to go. Your equipment for the DIY milkshake without a blender procedure includes a tall milkshake glass, a spoon or spatula, a straw, and a dome lid (optional). The process to be followed is;

    1. Thaw the ice cream – You can do this procedure in two ways. The first option is to let it naturally defrost by entrusting the warm weather to heat it, which might take about an hour. You can also use a microwave to thaw the ice cream and ensure you choose the defrost option.
    2. Scoop the ice cream into a glass – Use an ice cream spoon or a regular tablespoon to add ice cream to the glass. If you want a thick milkshake, you should fill the glass to about ¾ of the height. For thicker milkshakes, sipping might be a challenge, so you can opt for a bowl instead to make the stirring process easier.
    3. Add fresh milk – The amount of milk will determine the consistency of your milkshake. More milk will make it lighter, while less milk will produce a thicker milkshake.
    4. Grab a spoon – A long spoon is ideal because of the thin handle to stir through the ice cream and milk mixture. The spoon act as the blades of a blender.
    5. Stir, stir, stir! – This is the most challenging step, although it is also the baseline for the transformation. You have to keep on stirring until the mixture is blended correctly together. The results will depend on the ratio of ice cream to milk, so you need to pay attention to that.
    6. Add flavorings and mix-ins and stir some more.
    7. Close your glass with the dome lid and dip in the straw.
    8. Enjoy!

Different Milkshake Flavors

Milkshake with Strawberries

There are different flavors of easy milkshakes without a blender you can opt for, depending on what you prefer. Some of the alternatives to consider include;

    1. Frozen fruit milkshake
    2. Chocolate and mint milkshake
    3. Chocolate and peanut butter milkshake
    4. Zucchini-chocolate milkshake
    5. Salted caramel milkshake
    6. Mixed berries milkshake
    7. Banana milkshake
    8. Vanilla milkshake
    9. Raspberry-banana milkshake
    10. Mango milkshake
    11. Cookies and cream milkshake
    12. Coconut milkshake
    13. Neapolitan
    14. Pina Colada.

Tips and Tricks

There are several tips that you need to take into consideration while doing the process. Before we can get to that, it’s also essential to know that you can miss some key ingredients and still develop a good milk share. For instance, there are ways of making milkshakes without ice cream and one without milk. Similarly, you can try out hacks on how to make a milkshake without a blender and ice cream. It all depends on your preference.

Another critical factor to consider is the finishing of your milkshake. Some of the extra tips to consider for making the final flourish include;

    • Add an extra layer of creamy goodness.
    • Add in some extra fresh fruits. Sliced or diced bananas or strawberries can be good additions to your milkshake. Push them to the side of the glass to make it more decorative.
    • Include some toppings of sprinkles.
    • Pour some extra syrup on top. Make it more stylish; some dots or a pattern can be a good more to opt for.
    • Try making two different flavors of milkshake and layer them differently in a glass. You can mix them up for some color magic.
    • You can slide through a small doughnut through the straw.
    • Ensure you always go for a tall glass so that all the layers are well visible.
    • You can add some crushed or pieces of biscuits


Whether you’re out and about with friends or on a camping site, the accessibility of a blender cannot deny you the luxury of enjoying a milkshake. There are a few moves that you can pull to ensure you get the best out of the ingredients that you have. You might want to keep it quite cold on a hot day so that you can enjoy it better. All in all, get your flavors right and ensure you share the idea with a friend or two.

Do you want to make a milkshake? Do you lack a blender or electricity? Do you know of the ways to hack the process? Leave a comment.

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a traveler who enjoys visiting different places and try out their food. She was amazed by how people can make a milkshake without a blender and thought it was great to share the idea with other people. She enjoys knitting and camping on several occasions.

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