How To Throw a Silent Disco in Your City

If you want to have a unique party that is guaranteed fun, look into hosting your own silent disco. Having a silent party doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful and can be made easier by following a few simple steps. A silent disco is also known as a headphone party. These parties consist of wearing Bluetooth headphones while listening to music without disturbing others. There are numerous channels to choose from, so you have the perfect mix just for you. In addition, there are many silent disco rental companies available. Whether you’re searching for silent disco Los Angeles or anywhere else, you’re sure to have luck. Below, we’ll cover some vital tips to help you make the most of throwing your own silent party.

Choose Your Equipment Provider

How To Throw a Silent Disco


The first step in throwing the best silent disco party is finding the right equipment provider. You will need equipment such as wireless headphones and transmitters so you can enjoy the music silently. When looking for the perfect silent disco rentals, there are many options to choose from. You can choose from different packages, including prices per headset or other all-inclusive packages. All-inclusive packages are great for the larger silent disco parties, while other per headset prices are better for smaller gatherings.

Pick the Perfect Venue

How To Throw a Silent Disco


Finding the right venue is one of the essential parts of a silent disco event. One of the best things about a silent party is that they can be thrown basically anywhere because of the nature of the party. Everything is mainly battery-powered and utterly wireless, so venue options are plentiful. One of the main things to keep in mind is making sure you have a large enough venue for your guests. Headphone parties are silent, so there is no concern of being too noisy for neighbors or city ordinances, making anywhere the perfect place to have a silent party.

Get the Music Ready

How To Throw a Silent Disco


Most transmitters have three or more channels for partygoers to choose from. Finding the perfect playlist is crucial to having the best silent disco. With many streaming apps available, making a playlist is easier than ever. You can choose from many types of music, making the perfect options available for guests. If you get stuck making a playlist for the party, a simple search on the web can give you ideas, such as popular club music or music from the ’80s.

Turn the Lights Down

Now that you have all the equipment, the perfect venue, and the best playlists available for your guests, it’s time to turn the lights down and the music up. Many silent discos have lighted headphones so you can see who is listening to each channel; you can use this as a tool to find out which music is the most popular at the party. In addition, every set of headphones gives each guest the ability to change the volume on their headset to be as loud or as soft as they want. Lighting can be another fun element to your silent disco. Offering favors such as light-up necklaces, glow sticks, and more can give an added effect to the party to give it an enjoyable vibe.

The Perfect Silent Disco

Throwing the perfect silent disco can be easy by following the above guidelines. First, finding the ideal equipment rental is the best place to start so you can have everything you need to get the party started. Then, find yourself the perfect venue, whether outside on the rooftop or inside your apartment. Next, come up with the perfect playlist to give your partygoers the ideal music to listen to while they dance the night away. Finally, think of providing lighted party favors like glow sticks or even look into blacklight rentals to make the party unique and fun. Together, all of these will give you the perfect headphone party that will make a lasting impression.

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