E-Vapor Starter Kits That You Should Try Now

New entrants in vaping are mostly those who want to ditch smoking and take up vaping or those who are totally new to either. Both categories will benefit from the best e-vapor starter kit designed to suit their amateur needs. If you are looking for the best vaping device and delicious vape juices, we have compiled a list of current e-vapor starter kits that you should try.

E-Vapor Starter Kits

But before we dive into the gear, it is worthy to mention crucial factors to consider when buying them:

Usability – Every e-vapor starter kit should be very easy to use. As we look at them, you will notice that they are built with simplicity such as pre-set features, disposable cartridges, and USB charging systems, among others.

Type and design – Fortunately, these starter kits are in all categories of vaping devices from simple e-cig pens to vape boxes. The type you choose may determine the overall experience.

Price – You might be lucky to get a free e-vapor starter kit, but most of them are sold. When buying, ensure that the cost gives you value for money so that you get to enjoy it. The kit should not be so expensive now that you will soon change to other more advanced vaping devices.

Popular E-Vapor Starter Kits


  • XPOD from ePuffer – Although ePuffer Canada has numerous e-cigs that can work as starter kits, their XPODs are on another level. They have everything a newbie in vaping would want, especially those crossing over from the smoking world. They are simple to use, portable, and come in different colors. As you buy this e-vapor starter kit from Epuffer, do not forget to get their pods that come in a variety of numbers in a pack and flavors. Lastly, they are affordable at only below $25 for the kits and $120 for 30-pack pods.


  • AIO Pod from Totally Wicked – This pod is extremely user-friendly and affordable at only 18 British Pounds. The AIO Pod has no button to stress you in any way. You just fill it up and use it. When you buy from the original website, you get a free bottle of vape juice to refill your pod when it is empty.


  • T18E Starter Kit by Innokin Endura – This is a popular electronic cig starter kit that you will enjoy immediately after you start using it. The safety features keep newbies protected from common vape accidents including the annoying leakage and risky explosions caused by over-discharge and overheating. When buying this kit, you will only pay under $20, which is a high value for money.


  • Heisenberg Dot Pro by Vape Vampire – If you are looking for another draw-activated starter kit, this is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a fast charge option and magnetic pre-filled cartridges to make sure that beginners have an easy time using it. No matter which e-juice you want to try, this pod will give you the opportunity until you become a pro.


How to Buy E-Vapor Starter Kits

The world is advancing at a rapid pace and e-commerce is cutting an edge as the best solution. So, if you are looking for the best e-vapor starter kit for you or a friend, start by checking on the web. Most if not all of the sellers have a delivery option, especially if they live near you.

It is important that you compare starter kits from different sellers until you find the best one. But if you do not want this hassle, you can narrow it down to the three we have shared above.

Final Words

A simple but usable e-vapor starter kit is the ideal vaping device for a newbie. Great sellers also recommend the best e-juice to accompany the device for the ultimate experience. Now that you know this information, it is time to make the right choice.

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