13 Essential Items a Surfer Should Never Go Without

If you are packing for your next surfing trip, there are some essential items for a surfer that you should never forget. It’s an exciting and energetic sport, something that you will enjoy and appreciate more if you have the appropriate equipment and accessories on hand.

Essential Items for Surfers

While surfers are mostly low maintenance, there are essential items for a surfer that should always be ready whenever it’s time for another trip to the beach.

To make packing easier for you, here is a list of the surfing items that you should never forget. Most of these things you can find on Surface2Air Sports.

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#1. Extra Surfboard

If you are a surfer, then you most probably already own a surfboard. While one board is often already enough to enjoy a wonderful tide on a gorgeous beach, there are tons of reasons why having an extra surfboard can benefit you.

If you happen to get into an accident where your surfboard gets broken, an extra one will ensure that you can continue riding the waves. It’s especially handy to have if you are traveling to a remote surfing spot where you can’t rent a surfboard.

#2. Wetsuit

You won’t always need to wear a wetsuit, depending on the weather or the water temperature in the ocean. But if you are surfing in cold seawater, a wetsuit is one of the essential items for a surfer. You can get one in varying thickness or style. The main takeaway when buying a wetsuit is to get something that offers quality and utmost protection from the elements. In case, your wetsuit needs a tailored alteration or   wetsuit zipper repair look for alteration professionals you can prolong your wetsuits life easily and save you money as well.

Essential Items a Surfer

#3. Surf Leash

Surfing can be very unpredictable. One moment, you are riding the waves perfectly, but you can get easily washed away by the next tide too. In this case, a surf leash, which attaches your surfboard to you, makes sure that your gear will not get lost in the water.

Also, when getting a leash, make sure it’s at least as long as your surfboard, so you don’t accidentally hit on your board when you fall off of it.

#4. Ear Plugs

One of the common issues for wave riders is developing surfer’s ears. This condition is when small bones grow within the ear canal. It’s painful and often leads to loss of hearing too. It usually happens when you have long exposure to cold winds and cold water. If you get surfer’s ears, it isn’t reversible anymore, and the only way to get rid of it is through surgery.

If you tend to surf in cold weather, then earplugs are the essential items for a surfer you shouldn’t forget to pack.

#5. Surf Helmet

If you are surfing in hidden spots, a surf helmet is necessary. It may not be the coolest gear to wear while surfing, but surf helmets provide protection, especially when surfing in shallow reefs.

#6. Surf Wax

Surf wax is another one of the essential items for a surfer that you should always pack whenever you’re going for a surfing trip. Putting this special kind of wax on your surfboard ensures that you have the best grip on your gear while on the water. It provides texture, so your hands and feet don’t slide off of the board.

You need to put surf wax on your board every time you go surfing. Don’t forget to bring a wax comb too.

#7. Rash Guard

Wetsuits are great to protect you from the cold air and water temperature. However, if it’s fairly sunny, a rash guard for surfing would be ideal for wearing. It’s one of the essential items for a surfer if you want protection from any skin irritation and the scorching sun.

Compared to a wetsuit, rash guards allow your skin to breathe while in the water too.


#8. Fins

Aside from your surfboard, the fins are another one of the essential items for a surfer. You cannot ride the waves without them. Fins will provide you with stability through the waves. It can also enhance your performance level as a surfer.

There are different types of fins. Some of the popular options include thruster, five-fin, quad, double-fin, and single-fin setups.

#9. Surf Watch

A surf watch is a fancy accessory for surfers. Beginners may not appreciate this device, but pro surfers will love to have one. It can forecast data such as wave height, wave period, wind speed and direction, and tide times. Some surf watches can also give you maps of the best surf spots within the area.

#10. Sunscreen

Unless you are surfing during the night, which is not advisable, then you’re going to need sunscreen. It’s much easier and safer to surf during the daytime. However, that usually involves the scorching heat of the sun, which is extremely harmful if you get exposed to it for long periods. It is why sunscreen is one of the essential items for a surfer to protect your skin while enjoying the tides.

If you are getting sunscreen for your surfing trip, make sure it has at least SPF 50, so you can get enough protection from the harmful UV radiation.

a surfer wearing a surf poncho

#11. Surf Poncho

It’s much easier and more convenient if you can change whenever and wherever after you got out of the water. Fortunately, that is possible with a surf poncho, making it one of the essential gears for every surfer.

A poncho looks like a robe that can help you change into your dry clothes easily after getting out of the water and without needing to use a towel.

#12. Surf Camera

If you have a waterproof mobile phone, it will work great if you are in the ocean. However, that isn’t usually the case, but you still need something that can capture all your surfing adventures. Fortunately, you can get a surf camera to carry with you on the surf. It’s a waterproof camera that can capture the beauty of the beach, as well as your surfing routine. It’s one of the must-have items for a surfer if you want to track your surfing performance and improve your skills.

#13. Surfboard Travel Bag

If you are traveling to top surfing destinations, then a surfboard travel bag is one of the essential items for a surfer that you should have. It’s the best way to carry and transport your board safely and securely. This type of bag has enough padding to protect your board from any scratches or damages while traveling. It might not be the most affordable surfing item to have, but worth it if you want your gear protected at all times.

Make sure you’ve packed everything before you go for your next surfing trip.

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