10 Fun Things That Are Not Cancelled During This Fall Season

The world is going through extraordinary, challenging times, and we’re busy with our continually changing everyday lives. Paradoxically, it’s hard to keep track of such usually simple things as time and seasons. So in case you still didn’t notice – the fall is here!

A fan-favorite, autumn is traditionally filled with back-to-school, back-to-work, and back to regular life activities, gatherings, and cultural events.

This year is clearly different. Don’t get too sad, though! There are still plenty of activities to help get into the wonderful spirit of fall. Think changing colors, falling leaves, crisp air, new books, shows, giant pumpkins, delicious apples, and so much more!

Here Are 10 Things We Still Can Do To Enjoy This Fall Season!

Fun Things That Are Not Cancelled During This Fall Season
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Create An Autumnal Menu And Cook Seasonal Dishes

Nothing puts one in a better mood than fresh fall harvest produce and delicious meals made from it. We all know these comfort foods that just melt in your mouth – sweet apple pie, creamy pumpkin casseroles, crunchy nut snacks, hot cocoa… And as a bonus – the aromas of cooking will fill your home with seasonal fragrances!

Have A Picnic In The Park!

With all these yummy meals you’ve cooked, you’ll want to share them with family and friends. Let’s go to the park while the sun is still out, and it’s still dry! It’s a place where we can gather much safer than indoors, so spread a blanked, call the gang and enjoy an autumnal feast.

Decorate In The Fall Style

Since we spend so much at home, it’s crucial to make it as cozy, comfortable, and inspiring as possible. Organize some pumpkins, pick some colorful leaves and branches, make a beautiful centerpiece or a wreath, and get creative! Don’t forget candles and fairy lights for those coming long and dark nights!

Admire Foliage In The Local Park Or Nearby Forest

Spend as much time outside while it’s still not too cold. It’s a perfect time to admire the trees’ changing colors and dive into a pile of leaves! There’s no surprise that Albert Camus said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Take A Trip To The Nearby Village Or Town

Since most of the world won’t be traveling abroad this autumn, make the best of your own area! Find a place you haven’t visited yet and drive out there over the weekend. You’ll be surprised how many amazing things we have in our own “back yards.” All we need is a little time to discover them.

Go Apple (or Pumpkin) Picking!

Is there an apple orchard or pumpkin farm nearby? Usually, these places offer fun activities to allow visitors to pick their own produce, making it a great weekend getaway and an opportunity to stock up on those pie ingredients.

Fun Things That Are Not Cancelled During This Fall Season

Make A Bonfire And Stargaze

Nothing beats a bonfire when it’s chilly outside. Bring your favorite blanket, a thermos with cocoa or tea, and enjoy some spooky stories. You can also stargaze or moon gaze.

Did you know that this October is about to have 2 full moons? The first one – Harvest full moon – is on October 1st, but the second one is even more special. Why? Because it falls on Halloween! According to Farmer’s Almanac, this happens only 18 to 19 years.

Play Board Games

In summer, we spend most of our free time outside, doing sports, swimming, and being active. But during colder and wetter autumn, nothing beats a night of good old board games! Gather the family and friends (even if on Zoom) and enjoy a few rounds of Clue, Monopoly, Risk, and other classics.

You can as well consider playing Dungeons and Dragons, which is a fun board game that can be played with family and friends by exploring books and guides, such as Dungeons and Dragons 5e Ranger guide, Monk guide, and Barbarian guide. The game is set in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery, and players take on the role of adventurers who explore dungeons, fight monsters, and solve puzzles. The game can be as simple or as complicated as you like, making it perfect for both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts. So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your family or friends, be sure to check out Dungeons and Dragons.

Start Or Join A Book-Club

Reading a book curled up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea is one of the most indulging activities. This season let’s cultivate a sense of community and join or start a book club! If you can’t have physical meetups right now, there are plenty of book clubs online. You can choose between smaller local ones or celebrity-led clubs, like Oprah’s, Reese Witherspoon’s, or Emma Watson’s. Discussing a book with others brings us closer together, which is what we need right now.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Even if we won’t be leaving our homes as much this fall, it’s essential to maintain a sense of normalcy and indulge in a seasonal wardrobe upgrade. Think of comfy, classic, and quality pieces that will make you feel cozy and lift your mood.

A few quintessential items are a warm sweater, sturdy boots, hats, and of course – everyone’s favorite high quality t shirts, Fresh Clean Tees.

By Milda Urbonaite

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