Key Things to Know About Drug Crime Charges in Houston

While drug laws may be changing in different parts of the country, the same cannot be said of the Lone Star State. Texas has maintained its hard stance on drug-related crimes, the consequences of which can be very severe for those convicted.

For this reason, residents charged with possession or other drug crimes must hire an excellent Houston drug crime lawyer with experience and expertise in the field. Otherwise, they could face imprisonment and significant fines if convicted.

drug crime charges in Houston

What Happens During Houston Drug Crime Arrests?

Home to over two hundred thousand people, Houston is the largest community in Texas. With these many residents and counting, the crime rate in the city will invariably be a challenge for the authorities.

Being accused of a drug crime is among the severest charges you can face in Houston. Whether the drug crime charge is a felony or a misdemeanor, the process is typically the same. First comes the arrest, which can be immediate or in a couple of months, depending on the case specifics. The next step is the arraignment which happens within seventy-two hours of the arrest. Here, the accused are taken to court, and the charges against them are read aloud.

First-Time Offenders

The First Chance Intervention Program developed by Harrison County is aimed at first-time offenders charged with possessing two ounces of marijuana or even less. If you have been charged under this category and comply with the program’s rules, your case will be dismissed after approximately sixty to ninety days. The better news is that if everything goes well, you may be able to avoid a conviction charge on your record.

To avoid being ejected from the program under unforeseen circumstances, it is best to permit an experienced drug possession attorney to represent your case. Moreover, you may not even need this program as Houston drug crimes are defensible.

What Should You Do if Charged?

You have critical constitutional rights that protect you from the moment you are placed under arrest for drug crimes in Houston. Some of the most vital rights are as follows.

1 The Right to Remain Silent

Like any other state, Texas laws require that accused individuals cooperate and comply with law enforcement authorities when giving basic information such as name and address. But under no circumstances are they obligated to discuss any of the charges against them with the local authorities.

2 The Right to Legal Representation

The right to dependable counsel isn’t just for the wealthy in Houston. Every city resident has the right to legal counsel right from the moment of arraignment to any point in the case. The courts will appoint a Houston drug crime lawyer for those who cannot afford one on their own, provided they meet specific criteria.

3 Protection Against Unusual and Cruel Punishment

In Houston and any other part of Texas, the constitution of the USA requires that the law enforcement authorities meet your basic needs of food, clothing, and others.

Also, it protects you from being abused by them while in custody. This means the police cannot use force, torture, or any other form of coercion on you.

Keep all this critical information in mind, and do not hesitate to immediately contact a drug crime lawyer in Houston if you ever face charges.

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