Inventive Gifts for Practical Guys

Do you have a practical guy in your life that you struggle to buy gifts for? Does gift giving season or gift giving occasions tend to spark a sense of anxiety in you as you realize you have no ideas and nothing remotely unique is standing out to you? While it’s certainly fine to pick up those last-minute gifts, when it’s someone special, you want to put some thought into your gift and give them something they truly appreciate, enjoy, and will use.

Inventive Gifts for Practical Guys

If you’re stuck, there’s no need to worry, as we’ve got you covered. We’ve gone ahead and put together a handful of inventive gift ideas that are absolutely perfect for the practical guy on your list. It will take all the stress out of shopping and ensure that your gift is a huge hit.

A Beard Trimmer Kit

Whether the practical guy in your life has a beard or prefers a clean-shaven face, they’re going to need a razor or clippers to get the job done. So, why not treat them to a high-end beard trimmer kit complete with all the attachments, bells, and whistles? This is a gift that is definitely practical, but it’s also the kind of thing that most people won’t go out and splurge on for themselves. You can even find trimmers that have attachments for hair on the head, body hair, and a nose trimmer.



A few things to watch for when shopping for one of these kits are the battery or power source, how heavy the unit is, if it can get wet, how easy it is to clean, how many attachments it comes with, and how good of a cut it can give.

You can complete this gift with a little beard shampoo/cleanser and beard oil to ensure they look and feel their absolute best.

Choose a Rugged Style Watch

Watches are always a popular gift idea for guys, but rather than the typical watch that people give, why not go for a rugged design that will appeal to his practical side? Practical guys aren’t interested in pomp and opulence; they like functional items that are high quality and made to last.

Inventive Gifts for Practical Guys
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A great example of these types of rugged watches is the Magnetic watches by Rolex Milgauss available through CHRONEXT. The Milgauss was designed for actual scientists, so not only is it durable and dependable, it also has an incredible level of prestige to it. CHRONEXT is a well-known and reputable online retailer of designer watches, and its professionals can help you to find the perfect watch for that practical guy.

External Hard Drive

While this gift may not seem terribly exciting, it certainly fits the bill of being practical. Having an external hard drive gives him a way to back up all his important files and documents, photos, and more. Look for one that is at least 1 Terabyte in size, as this is the standard size nowadays. You may also want to search for the portable models which are perfect for use with a laptop and/or home computer.

Cocktail Shaker Set

This is the perfect gift idea for the guy who has a bar in his home, loves to entertain, or sees himself as a budding mixologist. With a cocktail shaker set, they will be able to make all the classics plus create their own signature cocktails. Look for one in stainless steel so it will be durable and last a long time, plus it’s also got an understated elegance about it. You can always pair the cocktail shaker set with a cocktail recipe book so you can give him some ideas to get started with.

Inventive Gifts for Practical Guys

Included in these sets are typically a measurement jigger, shaker, spoon, and there may be some other added features.

High-End Matching Luggage

For the practical guy that has also been hit by the travel bug, a high-end set of matched luggage could be the way to go. There’s no need to settle for standard black luggage anymore either, as today you can find all kinds of colours and prints that will make his luggage easy to spot as it works its way around the luggage carousel.

In terms of what kind of material to look for, something that is lightweight (it won’t add too much weight to the scale when empty), is on wheels, and won’t dent or crack is probably best. If you’re not interested in buying a full set, then one large suitcase is probably the best piece to purchase.

Put a Smile on That Practical Guy’s Face

Each of these gifts is bound to put a big smile on the face of the practical guy in your life, as not only are they fabulous gift ideas, but each one is highly-functional and practical.

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