How Women Can Look Stylish While Traveling

As women, you need to fulfill so many roles in your daily lives that neglecting your appearance becomes habitual. However, you can look incredibly stylish while traveling and give a new meaning to life.

Here are few tips for you to look stylish while traveling:

How Women Can Look Stylish While Traveling sheeba magazine

1. Comfort is Key

While you’re forever thinking how to dress up for looking effortlessly chic, it’s essential to consider the comfort factor. You certainly don’t want to tour around a new place longing to return to your hotel room to change your attire.

Won’t you like to move around freely and happily as you take in the surroundings? So, make sure to look for clothing that you can comfortably walk long stretches in. Your best buddies for dressing fashionably and conveniently are airy pants, skirts, and rompers.

Cotton skirts in knee-length or midi styles look relaxed as well as chic while traveling. Swap your old pair of jeans for lightweight and breathable cotton pants, thus letting you move about and sit for long hours comfortably. Rompers being onesies make the best summer outfit and let you do plenty of activities that you can’t do while in a dress.

How Women Can Look Stylish While Traveling





So, wearing comfortable attire while traveling in no way will mar your style.

2. Don’t Forget That Little Black Dress

An evergreen style essential; you merely ought to not travel without a black dress. This wrinkle-resistant, classic item of clothing also serves as a necessary piece for you to build around. It’s easy to accessorize black dresses, and what’s more, they are available in a myriad of styles fitting any body type.

read sheeba magazine How Women Can Look Stylish While Traveling


So, pack your black dress without fail and know very well that no matter where you’re bound for throughout the day, you’d have a classic piece to wear. For instance, make a style statement wearing your black dress at a museum in the daytime or a sundown cocktail party.

3. Athleisure is the New Travel Mantra

Rock this new trend while traveling! Interestingly, fashion has now taken a fancy for fitness clothing. Athleisure wear includes clothing like capris, shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants, gym tanks, and hoodies. Yoga pants go well with a tank and you can layer up with a long cardigan if you’re out in the cold.

Quality materials and simple shapes are key while selecting athleisure tops for your travel. Also, select pieces with design and detail such as polka dot and criss-cross back.

V-neck t-shirts highlight feminine features, create the illusion of a longer neck and make you look stylish easily. For bottom wear, try out black leggings with interesting stitch work. Else, opt for a pair of striped jogger pants or a trendy capris.

4. Carry Trendy Footwear Along

Footwear, often being bulky, you should pack the most stylish and comfortable pairs only. Footwear that will fulfill your needs fall into 3 general categories, namely, a wedge for nighttime, stylish athleisure footwear like athletic shoes and ballet slippers.

At night, if you end up walking a greater distance than expected, the wedge comes to your aid as it is much more comfortable than a slender heel. Get that timeless look with gladiator sandals having stacked heels. Also, don’t forget to select a pair of comfy sandals to pep up your black dress.

How Women Can Look fashionable when travel


While traveling, trendy athleisure walking shoes will give you comfort for long hours and various activities like walking, exploring, hiking and even for squeezing in a gym workout. Go for sleek, bright-colored, lightweight and fun-patterned athletic shoes, making your travel truly fashionable.

Walking in ballet slippers makes you look great. Fairly lightweight and stable, ballet slippers will give you the utmost comfort and walking long distances in them won’t give you even a blister. So, without sacrificing fashion for the comfy feeling, you can walk around in these wonderful slippers during your sightseeing tours.

5. Accessorize Smartly

Sprucing up with a few accessories will change your look dramatically. Your purse, jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, wristwatches, and sunglasses all add to the oomph factor.

Pack a couple of statement necklaces to wear with several outfits. How about fun earrings for your favorite black dress? Gold hoops can transform your plain white t-shirt into something dressy. Bangles also add charm to any kind of attire.

sheeba magazine fashion while travel

For jewelry, choose gold and turquoise basics as they should work with almost whatever you wear. Wearing jewelry that you buy at the places you visit helps not only to add to your collection but also to connect instantly with your travel destination.

Hats and scarves have multiple uses, while also adding to the style factor. So, you get enough protection from such clothing in extreme climatic conditions, while also looking stylishly sophisticated.

For bags, pick pieces serving varied purposes. For instance, you can use a cross-body or a lightweight, colorful sack during your sightseeing tours. Keep a well-crafted clutch for night events like parties or music shows.


So, while you’re thinking of renting a vehicle with a roof racks to move around various places while traveling, you also now have an entire stock of travel essentials to increase your style quotient.

Get started and work on your new look!

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