How To Work Your Way Through University In The Netherlands: Best Lifehacks

Obtaining higher education in the Netherlands is considerably challenging yet well-known for its high quality. Students are expected to dedicate no less than 40 hours per week to studies as there are numerous sophisticated scientific sources to be reviewed in order to write every single paper or complete exams. At the same time, many students want to improve their financial situation and work while studying to obtain both financial freedom and real working experience. This intention is worth admiration as it shows true zeal for seeking opportunities. All that needs to be done is to maintain the balance between studies and work so that one will succeed in both fields.

Get Prepared for The Challenge

Those who decide to enrich their student life with a job need to figure out a few things prior to the active searching for employment.

Check all Regulations

Not anybody can get a job in the Netherlands. It is especially true for foreign students who must do several things before applying for any position. First of all, a person must know employment laws and tax regulations. Secondly, she must obtain all needed documents, such as Dutch health insurance and work permit.

university in the NetherlandsDecide on the Type of Work

This is obligatory if a student wants to achieve a perfect balance between successful studies and decent income as requirements are different. There are multiple opportunities to choose from: part-time jobs, internships, freelance work, seasonal work. Don’t forget that students in the Netherlands are not allowed to work for more than 16 hours per week and you cannot combine seasonal and part-time jobs. However, you still can enjoy the opportunity of self-employment along with any other option. For example, if you are very good at your studies, you may start your own blog and become a writing helper for other students who are struggling with overwhelming assignments. You can also think of starting your own business or working for another one, such as a representative office of another firm.

So How Exactly Should One Work the Way Through University?

Now when one is aware of all regulations and specific aspects of the chosen type of work, the plan may be brought into action. The student who studies and works in the Netherlands should be aware that constant concentration is needed while balancing studies, work, and spare time. Some lifehacks may be helpful.

Do not be afraid of an assignments’ size. The only working method of how to start a research paper writing assignment and complete it properly on time is to just start writing it. No matter how bad the outcome may appear to be at the beginning – you may always fix mistakes in the process of further researching and writing. The fear of starting a big project may lead to procrastination and you will have many more tasks to cope with as the result. Do not let it happen, divide big tasks into smaller ones and just start working on them as early as possible.

Keep thinking about your health and in case the number of tasks at work and in university becomes overwhelming, seek homework help online so that you will be able to cope with everything on your plate. Giving the most difficult assignments to paper writing service you can trust Edubirdie is your guarantee that they will be done properly. There is no need in putting the academic career at risk by submitting an incomplete paper done in a hurry last minute before the deadline if you can concentrate on other urgent tasks and enhance your knowledge by reviewing already developed assignments.

Students usually search for a job to earn money, obviously. The necessity to find the source of income is especially important for international students in the Netherlands. Do not miss the opportunity to spend less money on accommodation and start searching for a cheaper apartment as early as possible or check if you can share it with a classmate to split expenses. This is a good solution for your purse if you need to work less and concentrate more on studies.

university in the Netherlands


Studying at any university in the Netherlands is rather difficult and many students cannot cope even with studies alone. However, careful planning and choosing the most suitable personally for you type of work will help to graduate successfully and enjoy the possibilities of having financial freedom. Despite all the challenges, balancing work and studies is worth trying in a long-term perspective since a student with the degree obtained in the Netherlands may expect good employment opportunities. And an important and well-paid job requires the ability to handle multiple tasks and overcoming challenges, so it is good to get these skills earlier while still studying.

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Ray Campbell studied abroad to get his MBA degree and he learned many helpful solutions during those years. Many of his friends are international students as well and he is always ready to help them with advice. Currently, he tries to balance his full-time work, personal life, and attempts to develop a small startup and experience from challenging student life’s years is helping him a lot.

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