How to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

With rising commitments and responsibilities at home and an increasing need to meet targets or deadlines at work, a busy lifestyle has become an inevitable part of our daily existence. Many people are so busy they only manage to squeeze out the time to have wholesome meals between hectic schedules. They do not make out the time to engage in any form of physical exercise and only attend social functions when it is work-related. This makes them vulnerable to stress, obesity, and other diet-related diseases. Getting the life/work balance right is an absolute necessity for living a healthy life.

How to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle


Putting a proper plan in place is a good starting point. This entails taking a global view of one’s daily activities and prioritizing them in order of importance. A good plan should incorporate a personal schedule for physical exercise, time to have proper meals in between engagements, and down-time to socialize and spend quality time with family and friends. Apart from the fact that many busy people work till very late, most find it convenient to start their day with an exercise regime as this provides the opportunity to tune-up the body for the day.

Physical Exercise

An exercise regime of some sort is a great way to keep fit and be mentally alert even in the midst of a very busy daily schedule. It comes with the benefit of weight loss since getting a leaner body helps fight off diet-related diseases. There are many exercise programs out there, including workouts, but not all are suitable for a person with a busy lifestyle. The challenge with most workouts is finding the time to carry out the exercises consistently despite having a hectic schedule.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Also known as high intensity intermittent exercise, HITT is an excellent way for a person with a busy lifestyle to keep physically fit. It is an enhanced exercise regime which alternates short but intense periods of anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery phases until the individual is too tired to continue. The duration of the intense sections depends on the rigor of each exercise session and the fitness level of the participant, but it generally does not exceed half an hour.

Specific exercises performed during the intense phase can range from hard sprinting to uphill climbing and such other high-intensity exercises, followed by intervals of low-level activities such as walking. The exercise sessions are usually preceded by a warm-up period. Due to the short duration of the entire HIIT session, the regimen is well suited for busy individuals who have limited time to exercise, and it has the added benefit of weight loss.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a requisite for healthy living, but how does an individual with a busy lifestyle find the time? One solution is to prep your meals ahead of time. It will entail incorporating one or two periods per week into your schedule for prepping your meals. Not everyone has the skill-set required to do the shopping for the necessary ingredients and to undertake the actual prepping.

There are a variety of options available, depending on individual circumstances. One option is to order the prep meals online or on the phone from a meal prep company for delivery at home or in the office. This will require that you are available to take delivery or someone does so on your behalf. You may be unable to get the right quality of meal you want, but you can make up for any dietary deficiencies with help from vitamin supplements and other medications.

How to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

If you are willing to make the effort and can find the time, another option open to anyone lacking the necessary skills is to sign up for an online nutrition course. These courses now have video lessons which give step by step cooking instructions on prepping of nutritious meals from beginning to the end. Some courses also provide audio versions which can be listened to while stuck in traffic or at a gym.

Another option, and probably the simplest, yet as effective and potent is through taking greens supplements. Learn more and get insights on the ultimate human fuel – SuperGreen Tonik, with just a scoop a day gives you more energy, better focus and concentration, reduced anxiety, sleep, health, and immune function

Navigating through a busy lifestyle requires forward planning and the will to commit to a planned schedule, but it is eminently achievable given the necessary tools and the right frame of mind.

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