How To Plan NEET 2020’s Exam?

NEET exam is the gateway for a world full of possibilities, and students who want to pursue their careers in medicine are determined to crack this exam. However, it is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country, and it is not easy for anyone to crack. Students have to put in all the effort, time that they have along with a pretty solid strategy in place. A small mistake in any of these can affect their end result. This is the reason why we have curated some important tips that will help you in planning your NEET 2020 exam. From the exam schedule to appear for the NEET online test series, we will cover all the topics that will help you.

NEET online test series

Exam Schedule

It is important for you to know about the exam schedule of NEET in the first place. The website has stopped taking applications anymore. From January 15-30, the students will get to make any changes that they want to in the application form. This window is very important, and it is better for students if they double-check their application once here.

The admit card will be released on March 27, 2020, and the NEET exam date is May 3, 2020. The results of the exam will be released on June 4, 2020.

Make a note of these dates and stick it at a place where you can see and even mark your calendars.

Set Six Hours a Day for Preparation

Now, this may seem impossible if you are someone who is going to college or working somewhere, but believe me, NEET is one of the toughest exams in the country, and it is important for you to spend at least six hours a day to prepare for it. You can wake up early in the morning and sleep a little bit late at night so that you can make time for preparation. It is highly advisable for you to go with online coaching if you don’t have time because this online coaching will help you to prepare even when you are traveling, etc. You will have the flexibility to prepare for the exam at any time of the day with ease.

Know the Syllabus

First, know the syllabus of the exam. NEET covers a wide array of topics, and it is important for you to know what these topics are. Time is precious, and if you waste it by preparing for other topics that are not present in the exam, it is going to be a huge issue for you. So, it is better to be well aware of the syllabus and make a schedule accordingly. After completing every topic present in the syllabus, check how well you know about it. Attempt the NEET online test series for that particular topic alone. This will help you in knowing how good you are on that topic, and if there are any issues, you can solve them right away.

NEET online test series

Stop Mugging and Start Prepping

Mugging is never an answer to the entrance examinations. There are a lot of topics that one has to understand, and if students start mugging the chapters, they will get confused and eventually forget these topics. So, it is better to stop a mugging and start understanding the topics. First of all, you have to understand a particular topic, and for this, you can draw a flowchart, diagram, or mention all the points in notes so that you can understand these topics with ease. If you opt for online coaching, then you can visit the tutorial videos and check notes for better understanding. If you are going for a coaching center offline, then you can ask your coach to help you understand the topic.

Improve Accuracy and Speed

 The NEET exam has all MCQs, and it is important for you to be pretty fast and accurate while solving them. This is where the NEET online test series will come into the picture. Keep on practicing these tests as soon as you complete every topic. Preparation for an exam is just one thing; practicing and answering questions is another thing. No matter how well you prepare, if you are unable to answer the questions quickly with 100% accuracy, then there is no benefit from it. So, keep on practicing and improving your speed.

Smart Work Matters

It is important for you to combine both your hard work and smart work here. You will have an idea about the syllabus already, so make a schedule that covers preparation, practice, and revision. All three parts are important, and you cannot get results if you skip any of these, so plan accordingly. At the same time, remember that your timetable should be a bit flexible to accommodate any new changes. This way, you won’t be under any kind of pressure.

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